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It is appropriate for married SDAs to have sex on sabbath?


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Call me late to the ball, or stupid, but i'm certainly neither advocating one or the other;
not trying to "prove" covenantal one-flesh union is "pleasurable" nor trying to find an end run passage to china.

...reference to over-steeped reminisces of 70's liberal philosophies? Sad...

Although i really do enjoy these hot-button topics, regrettably they are usually immediately hijacked.
The point to which defenses fail, then, ends justified, resort to any means to prove own unquestioned pig-in-a-poke point;
then lets pull out the barbs and smuggle in not so well veiled invective.

I choose neither to give, nor perceive, offense.
Be well my friends; keep studying, and thank you for sharpening my iron.
Dull not your own, useless spent, either...
truth can withstand scrutiny;
she demands it.
She needs no defenses such as these...
and offends not
Un muy buen punto para relfexionar!!!! El sexo es santo y el matrimonio también. Por lo que aprendí en la escuela, en el cielo, seguirá exisitiendo el sexo para las personas casadas, y para los no casados, Dios les quitará ese impulso de ellos.

Así que no hay de qué preocuparse!!!!!!!!!! BENDICIONES Y FELIZ SÁBADO!!!!!
No matter how we look at it all of our Christian walk comes down almost to personal opinion - we all have to decide whether we will take that walk or not and then decide how far we will allow God to lead us. Many who abstain from marriage feel they do so because Paul said so, other who do not abstain from marriage feel they do so because God saidto multiply and blessed marriage - this can be applied to almost everything in our daily walk with Christ, up to and including accepting Him as our Messiah.

Yes Moses said to refrain from sexual contact when appearing before the Lord - However I come before my God and Father every single day, therefore no sex at all? Not to be too crass but in the days of Moses there was not really a steady supply of bathing water so I am sure there would be days without bathes - after sexual relations when would they be able to clean up? I think that was more the point Moses was getting at, Sex is not a dirty thing, God gave it to us and of all the creatures on this earth we are the only ones who use it as a mens of building relationships and showing love for our mates, its not just about pre-creation.

Gods peace
Good Points Don.

To say that one's opinion of scripture is the final word from God ... leaves no room for interpretation and inspiration from the Holy Spirit and instead placing Truth in the realm of men. I refuse to follow men ... but rather God. And he sends His spirit to speak to me privately. He works with me on an individual basis. It is on this basis that I am saved. I won't go down the dangerous path of thinking that individual interpretation is wrong. We are called to study to show thyself approved unto God. That is what 'I' will do.

But, I will not condemn anyone for their private inspiration from God if it counters mine. That is their business and the Holy Spirit works differently with each individual.
so much conflicting ideas and varying concepts. mine.i have made it long at the beginning of this discussion. i was impressed by the points of view on one of the commentators in this forum.
it is agreed that nowhere in the Bible is there an explicite provision regarding this matter. that is a fact. and that both of them are holy and special in the sense that they are gifts from God. Now we all may have different understanding on things but it is agreed, that there is no EXPLICITE provision regarding for this one. hence, the solution for every Christian around the world who truly has the Holy Spirit in them and in every choices they made is to check the Holy Spirit. Do that which the Holy Spirit inspires you to do. in any way it may be expressing love to your wife on the Sabbath eve or reading the Bible or sharing the Present Truth to somebody. but in any ways, BE SURE THAT THERE IS THAT SPECIAL RESERVATION YOU HAVE FOR THE SABBATH AS THERE IS FOR THE ONE YOU LOVE - your wife or husband. No sight pleases more in God's eyes than to see his children together (boy and girl, husband and wife) - together in remembering His special day. It is the same as saying.. "The Sabbath is complete when you have done that which God's Holy Spirit whispers you to do."
Good Thoughts.
But why stop something that God wants us to do?
How about all the children killed by Herod at age two and under?

There's no sex in heaven or new earth. Because men are made unto like angels. And I don't think angels engage in sex either.

I really admire Paul, or Jesus, or Daniel, how do they stay so focus and not concern about being single?
less eggs might be helpful ...

Heaven is not the final place of humanity - the new earth is. We seem to forget heaven is not the last stop. Read the final chapters of Revelations. There is a song this world is not our home, well it is, God made this planet for humanity, heaven is a 1000 year stop over. Just to add probably metioned this before, you can do without sex on Sabbath, you can also do without good food on Sabbath, nice clothes, giving your loved ones a hug or kiss... but I don't see anyone talking about not engaging in those everyday pleasures....I wonder why?
Interesting Denny. As usual ... you bring out some great questions and thoughts. Long time no see.
for the sabbath was created for man to rest on that day and do away with all his work.
the question then is :what is rest , what is work , and what is the sabbath for?
this is not a day for entertainment we have seven days in a week and you have your wife what then prevents you from touching her in these six days given?
even going out there for manna on Sabbath was forbidden how much more having sex?
to be frank the bottom line is sex on sabbath to me is inappropriate.


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