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I had been hearing sermons from good speakers and even from pastors. One of their tactics to awaken the minds, body and spirit of those who are listening to the sermons is to throw jokes or share some funny stories. This oftentimes happens during the divine service. I believe the whole Sabbath day is a holy day for God...

Is it proper to use jokes just by the purpose of getting the attention or focus of the listeners? What are those proper Christ-like attitude as our ethics to consider when speaking during the divine service or at any part of the program?

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Yes. I think so. If properly done. I believe that Jesus did this also.
4 Him you are back on track, I totally agree with you (Whhew)
"I believe that Jesus did this also." To be fair to the question, do you think He did this also on the Sabbath in the synagogue? If so, what verse would imply this?

... Jus asking. Maybe you're right but was curious.
Jose is the synnagoue/temple/sanctuary of the Old T the same as the New Testament church? The reason I ask is because we always make a song and dance about what can or cant happen in the church building. And to defend our point we always go back to the temple/sanctuary/synagogue.

There were many things that we do in the church that could not be done in the sanctuary/ temple/ synagogue.
For example only priest were allowed in the sanctuary and the sactuary was also divided into holy and most most holy. Only the high priest could enter the most holy and only 1 day a year. Women were not allowed at temple. So I am just curious why we always want to compare the church of New T with the Old Testament Santuary. Thank God for the blood of Christ
Ok, lets expand it to outside too then, or wherever they met, so that we dont have to draw comparisons. Do we have an example for the original question for any gathering that could be seen as a church gathering on the Sabbath day for the Q?

I'm neither saying its right or wrong, neither am I comparing the old temple to the church now. Only asking for an example.
No Jose we don't have any examples that he told jokes on the sabath in or outside the synagouge nor do we have any proof that he did not utter a joke during any of His presentation.
Humour is a human emotion it's not a bad thing it's not evil and can be a very efective way of communicating. Jesus used many things to get the attention of the people, sometimes he used food, other times miracles and still other times stories and fables/ parable. After wowing the people He could then expound to them that the Kingdom of God was indeed at hand.

I hilarious story that can amplify or expound your sermon/talk is in no way inappropriate. At the same time I am not encouraging anyone to the church into a comedy club. But a joke/ humourous anecdote here and there on the sabbath in the church is OK.

Ronie I see that you emphasised Divine service then addeded that you think the whole Sabbath is holy unto God. So my question to you and others is why is 11.30am - 1.00pm divine? is not the Holy Spirit also present with us during Sabbath School or AYS. Our mindset have become so confused that we automatically ascribe one part of the day/ service to be more holy than the next.
I think those who want to compare church service to what was and wasn't allowed in the Temple should exclude deformed people (Leviticus 21:18, 20), illegitimate children (Deuteronomy 23:1) and eunuchs (Deuteronomy 23:2) from their meetings.

In other words, stop dwelling in shadows. :)
Exactly Bro. Charlie. I agre with you that the whole part of the Sabbath should be observed a holy one as what God have observed in this day...", So, which part of the Sabbath should a joke or a humorous anecdote be appropriately inserted?
So if you have no proof that Jesus told jokes on the Sabbath during His sermons, why do you think that He did? I am of the belief that God has a sense of humor. However, I do not believe that Jesus told jokes during His sermons.
Same here. I have no doubt God has a sense of humor too, and obviously we do. From everything I've read so far, regarding Jesus, He was very very caring towards others. Also very, very serious about going about His Father's business. As I have no example for if He used humor, I cannot say there was never a time He didn't use it. I see it unlikely He did so in any sermon, as His mission was a serious one.

Personally, if a story the congregation can relate to is shared, which happens to have some humor, though it must connect back to the point, is shared, then cool. If thats the style though, I'm not sure thats a good idea. Must also be appropriate as well, of course. Should never be the method sought to use though.
Charliebwoyo, everyday is Holy, because Gos created the days. From sundown Fri to sundown Sat is most Holy.

Look at life as you look at the sanctuary and you will see it all.

Matthew 12:35-37 KJV
"A good man out of the good treasure of the heart bringeth forth good things: and an evil man out of the evil treasure bringeth forth evil things. But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment. For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned."


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