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Should Adventists attend funerals on Sabbaths?

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Frankly, unless there is some other extenuating circumstance, that can be as much worship as anything.  So, why not?


Maranatha :)

yes i would

perfect time to witness and share jesus to those who would listen

you have all the time all nite




Actually, and this had slipped my mind, but there is no time where people are more open to the gospel then at a funeral.  Every funeral sermons I preached was with the focus of it being an evangalistic sermon, in nature.  Oh, no, I did not preach on the beasts of Daniel and Revelation, obviously.  Although in one or two funerals, it might have been appropriate. G 


However, one can preach the love of Jesus and at no time is it more well received then at a funeral. 


At one funeral, my sermon was: "Judge not that we be not judged."  It was an unusual circumstance, and I could not come up with any other subject that would deal with the issues involved at that funeral.  However, in retrospect, possible it might be more appropriate at more times then one might think.  Just consider how much "judging" goes on at a funeral.  Oh, we like to judge that a person will be saved, I too plead guilty.  But, just how can we know?    That is a decision best left to God.


However, it is like predicting the future.  If you plan to predict the future, be sure that it is at least 50 to 100 years in the future, so you will not be around if it is wrong. LOL


Maranatha :)

Saints my understanding of the Sabbathday is a day of rejoycing,set aside  by God himself among all the days of the week to come to him and gives him all the Glories due as our Maker.Nothing should stop us to do so.Even on the new earth wherever we shall be living,we fly or walk to the New Jerusalem to worship him.So on earth now we have to train ourselve to do just that.There is Six Days for us to do a funaral,why choose the" thy Sabbath day" for it to be done?It does not make sense.My answer is, NO, let the dead taking care of their dead.

Every man live their spiritual life as they want too.Feel free to do what you please,and teach what you want.But,as for me,Jesus set the tone,the pathway on friday he died early so no one has to attends his funeral on the Sabbath day.Oh...... what a powerful testimony and example set by the master of the Sabbath himself.Praise his name always for knows best for he is the master of the Sabbath hr knows what is Lawful and not he set tone and way.For hi self knows we will be having this conversation today,and he seek to solve all the confusion about this subject.By,despite the work of his soul,some still working in confusion.And still rebelling against the unrifitable truth and example set by the Lord Jesus Christ him self.see,the kind of man,i am do not care much about what name they call me,i am standing on the Rock  of Ages.And by his grace i shall not be moved.Amen Lord Jesus comes quickly.

Saints, the people of this world do not have any respect for the  Sabbath Day of God and that is whatever religious faith they are professing in,but we do have respect,so we have to show them the difference,or stick to what we know is true, regardless of what others,may think of us. Salvation is individual,and we have to aswer to God and God alone.Why they do not do their funaral on "Sunday "?It is because sunday is their sabbath day,and they do not complemized their faith neither do we .                                                                     


you give sermons at funerals?


"The next time that Jesus went into the meeting place, a man with a crippled hand was there. The Pharisees wanted to accuse Jesus of doing something wrong, and they kept watching to see if Jesus would heal him on the Sabbath. Jesus told the man to stand up where everyone could see him. Then he asked, "On the Sabbath should we do good deeds or evil deeds? Should we save someone's life or destroy it?" But no one said a word. Jesus was angry as he looked around at the people. Yet he felt sorry for them because they were so stubborn. Then he told the man, "Stretch out your hand." He did, and his bad hand was healed."--Mark 3:1-5

People still hurt and grieve on the Sabbath.  This is a means of providing support and healing for others--which is what Christ did regardless--and regardless of what the Pharisees thought.   This is also an example of the "ox in the ditch" (Luke 14:1-6; Matthew 12:9-15).

Like Peter said there is passages in the scripture which are hard to understand,and if we do not becareful we will miss interpreted the scripture and cause Great Domage to ourselve and to others.That is the reason the scripture goes by Rules on Rules and by precepts on precepts. Christ came to bring and teaching the Jubilee,Liberation from sins,set the Captives Free,healling the sicks and the Broken Hearted.Read about all the  jubilee 's sabbath,the returning of Lands (properties) the Jubilee of earth( the field) etc...  When Jesus healed some body on the sabbath day, he or she was very happy and praising God,that is what the Sabbath day is made for,to make a joyceful noise unto the Lord.If you can raise the dead ,you wil make the poeple very happy and praising God on the sabbath' funaral.Lol.

I would tend to agree with that...

Sarah i am smilling reading your comment for SDA members to attend woldly funaral on the Sabbath Day,because....It is amazing to see the same arguments and verses in the Bible that you use,  for us to be more liberal on the sabbath day,are the same that the Enemy and the Enemies are using against us to justify the reason they are breaking the Sabbath of God.And this is the same arguments they will use to Croshed down the SDA churches,to make them beleived it is Lawful to do manything on the sabbath.But the 144000 will not compromized,for they are and they will remain unflexible,but many SDA members for somes reasons will.May god help us all to see and recognized the traps of the Enemy of our soul for he is acting in subtle way.


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