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God's people are His chosen instrumentalities for the enlargement of His church in the earth. They are to seek the counsel of God. Worldly amusements and entertainments are to have no place in the life of the Christian. In following the way of the Lord is to be the strength of His people. Their faith in the gift of God's only-begotten Son is to be manifest. This will make its impression on the mind of the worldling. He who takes his position as separate from the world, and strives to become one with Christ, will be successful in drawing souls to God. The grace of Christ will be so apparent in his life that the world will take knowledge of him that he has been with Jesus, and has learned of Him.  {FE 514.2}


There are other quotes where she states that there are places that angels will not go. Please let me know your thought based on the SOP and not your opinions. Thanks!!!!!

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Actually it is a bigger issue than you realize Gabriel. I think we have come to a time in our earths history that it is time to start putting away our foolish amusements and focus harder on our relationship with God.

If it takes away from our work for the kingdom then..........well it is time to put it aside. This wold focuses on entertainment(movie theater, amusement parks, games etc) our focus should be on Christ fully.

I am not say  you cannot have fun but............i think we should be careful in the entertainment that is chosen.

All good things in moderation.




Maybe time to stop amusing self with chrismas and easter from pagan religion.
Depends on how YOU are celebrating them Sumaj.
Yes :)


it doesn't, on one hand you believe in Sunday as mark of beast, and Satyrday as God's day, yet you want to celebrate Christmas and Easter, pagan days of worship!
makes no sense and makes you no different to roman catholic

What would you like to understand sir?

I would hate  for you to be suffering a delusion.

and that has to do with going to amusement parks etc how???

we really need to stay on subject :) thank you


But in answer to your question. Both those events did happen. I realize we celebrate them both on pagan holidays.....

For some who choose not to celebrate them that is there choice. I have nothing agianst it.


I choose to celebrate them But I also choose to leave out the pagan parts of the holiday( santa clause, elves, Easter bunny,eggs etc) I do not think there is anything wrong with celebration the birth of Christ or The Reserrection of Christ.

Like i said it is how YOU choose to celebrate them. It can be a good time to witness to pple as well. A long as it is the following God.

IF God has lead you not to celebrate them at all then do so. But, remember, you can go over board both ways.


You can go overboard? Oh my goodness me, but Sunday is Satan day?
Easter is not passover, it is pagan rubbish.

Christmas is not feast of trumpets, it's all in the program you know?

Why do you choose to follow babylon the great?



Since I keep the sabbath(on Saturday) I do not see what your first one has to do with me.

Never said I celebrated Easter either...........but I do celebrated His Reserection.


What does Christmas have to do with the feast of  trumpets?????

No one knows the real date of Christ birth other than it was perhaps in the spring sometime.


If celebrating either of these events is a downfall to you and you feel God has lead you not to celebrated them then dont my friend!.

But do not judge and condemn those who still celebrated the religious aspect of them(and who may not yet feel lead to do the same as you. We are all in different levels of our relationship with God)That is God's place in our lives.



Anyways.....this is the last I will say on the subject.

Please stay on subject after this thank you!!!!!!!!


An amazing fact: Bank Tellers (excluding the newly hired) can detect false money easily. How? Because they spend all their time with the real thing and that is why fakes are so easy to detect!


My answer to this is, people stop shoving ideas such as this because it will only really cause divisions! I saw our adventist youth here fight over this matter! You can't help it, other people likes to go to amusement parks and others. Here is how I find this message to be very effective if you want others to spend more time witnessing than amusing themselves (it that is how you wanna put it)


Practice what you preach! When they find your life attractive than the amusement parks the will come asking for a share of that life and that is where you start telling them what you believed in. Aside from that, don't push it!


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