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With the recent david Gates controversy. I was wondering if nonprofit lay ministries including evangelists should accept and use tithe for business expenses and salaries since the general conference does not always support them? What does the bible and  what does Sister White say regarding this?

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Since when are Lay Ministries "the STOREHOUSE".? ..  I know all the cliches of how the Lay Ministries are spreading the Gospel etc. etc. etc.  BUT  the only command I remember offhand was (according to Malachi 3:10 "Bring ye all the tithes into the STOREHOUSE".....IMO it matters not that other entities are using tithe funds for the same uses as does the STOREHOUSE.   I don't recall that the Bible expresses EXACTLY how the STOREHOUSE  is to use the tithes except "meat in my house etc"...If you don't believe that the Seventh-day Adventist Church is the STOREHOUSE and don't wish to support its worldwide mission why did you join it?

Since when was "the storehouse" of Malachi defined as, and limited to a 501(c)(3) legal fiction corporation that exists by permission of the STATE?

It became that when you decided that the Seventh=day Adventist Church was the true remnant of God's church .    What do 'You' define as being 'The Storehouse'?   Nuff Sed

I will ask again, Since when was "the storehouse" of Malachi defined as, and limited to a 501(c)(3) legal fiction corporation that exist by permission of the STATE?

No, I did not decide that "the true remnant of God's church" was "the storehouse" of Malachi.

I don't have a true, complete definition of "the storehouse". I am learning and researching.

good question

i do use tithe money in my budget


And how do you justify it?  Are "you" the storehouse?  Nuff Sed   (writing from Hong Kong)

Ah, you husband receives his pay from the conference from funds that were originally tithe.  When he receives them they are no longer tithe... Nuff Sed

I guess to clarify, my question is this... If someone has a nonprofit ministry and they are an adventist, should they ask for  tithe offerings/donations during a mission or evangelism campaign? And should they use those offerings to further their ministry and pay for their salary and any staff salaries? It seems the church has a lot of independent ministries around the world.  I don' think the General conference funds or acknowledges all of them, but they may be doing a great work for God and for the church.

Let me clarify the above.  The 'church' doesn't have ANY independent ministries......BUT there are a lot of independent ministries owned and operated by Seventh-day Adventists.   Support them all you want but not from the tithe...........use your Offering money for that.  Nuff Sed

 I think he meant self supporting ministries.

 Did EGW sin when she helped a retired minister with tithe who was being neglected by the conference ?

Near as I can tell she was not given a vision directing her to do so.

One minister said he would pay tithe to the treasurer if the treasurer was the devil. Are you a pastor ?

I would be curious to see the EGW quote on this.

I remember the quote, and would like to find it again as well..


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