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Does anyone have any Biblical quotes or from the spirit of prophesy regarding this? Please share.

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Amen sister. :)

Let us reflect the character of Christ in our lives. Nobody is without a stain. We are all sinners, with imperfect souls. Yet we must overcome these obsticles in order to be saved.


 If you and I are not getting along.... then either you or I.... or neither of us will be in heaven. I do not like any of those scenarios and none of them need be. 

I know. I think we are all children of God, would be so sad to lose or place in heaven for such a silly thing.

I congratulate you for all the work you're doing. God bless.

That's very kind of you. Pray for the success of the canvassing work. In first world countries it is being greatly neglected.

I will pray for your canvassing work and for all others as well. This is what's going to complete the work, before Jesus second return.

Amen, Kevin,  The USA is a mission field.  We get so caught up in Adventist circles we do not think of the lost around us.   I am a convert  so many of my friends are evangelical Christians or Catholic which means very little because they do not act like Christians.  I know because I was the same way.  

You can own anything you like--just don't presumptuously kill someone. It is called Murder.

Amen. Simple.  No one has a problem with me owning an axe or a hammer.  I think the FBI put out stats that say that more people are killed with blunt objects than long rifles (the infamous assault gun to lame stream media types).

Not to mention that according to government statistics. Doctors actually kill billions more people per year than guns do. Quick! ban doctors, before it's too late! LOL

Well if your statistics are correct the population of the world should be zero in seven years

With the degree of wickedness in the world today, anything is possible.


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