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What do you teachers think of expelling student on the ground of bad discipline record? Should we ever expel students from school?

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I teach in a private program, and my students are tutored one on one at this time, so this question doesn't really apply to me right now, but I got to thinking about past experiences, and thought I'd say something. I would never kick a child out of a program of education that child needs because of a bad record some other teacher handed me, so if it's just the record, I would certainly say no, don't kick the child out, pray with your student instead. But if the record you are talking about is that the student has created a bad record with you and the other teachers you are working with, I think I'd analyze this: Is the child hurting other children? Will the other children suffer if the child stays? Is the child anxious to stay and show you change? If the child is not willing to change, and other children will be hurting because of this child, I would reluctantly start processes that would end in the child having to leave. Failure is very hard on people, though. I would be hoping all the time for the student to experience a sudden huge change of attitude!

Im currently studying right now

expelling student won't help in addressing the main problem of a certain student

as a teacher you must be careful on every decisions that you'll make. I advice you to take preliminary investigation to address the need of the student so that you could better cater to their needs. Remember we are here to serve and restore the almost obscure image of God to our dear students. God bless

I'm agree to what xander said.

I am currently pursuing a degree where I will be dealing with elementary students. The reason why education majors taking Guidance and Counseling subject is to learn a skill how to deal with different kind of students with different personalities. Expelling a student is not a right choice in disciplining ones student. The administrators with the Guidance Personnel and Staff can do a series of intervention to prevent students bad personalities. But then in some other points schools are bound with rules and regulations and if one committed a crime against the law then he/she should suffer to the consequences of it.

If the he/she needed to be expelled then let it me because we meant rules.

But I think expelling a student is when we arrive to the win to win decision, worst to worst situation. Expelling comes as a last option.

In New Zealand we try many interventions, if that does not work the Senco specialist educator finds an alternative pathway for this child/young adult by age 16 if they still mucking around they are asked to leave, there comes a point where if all has been done and they still not listening they need to bear the consequences of their actions, I am also a trained play therapist and the times I've worked with teens like this when they so rebellious showing them the full picture of their actions and then leaving them with thoughts of ownership for their actions helps, the one boy I saw who was involved in gangs, knives etc. who would have dropped out eventually went onto university, praise God.


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