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A teacher at my school received a ham as gift from one of her students (I think it was a roast or something big). Not wanting to offend the student and tell her that she wouldn't/couldn't eat it because it was portk, she took the ham and then regifted to her downstairs neighbor who is not a believer. Her reasons were that of course she didn't want to offend her student who had thought of her (and working within this culture I understand how the student wouldn't see the reason but the rejection) but also it was food and she didn't want to throw it away either. That is why she gave it to her neighbor. I know as Adventists that we would never serve pork to anyone but would you have given the the roast to a non-believer or would you have thrown it away?

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To me, I won't give what is not good for me to another person. If ham is not good, why should I give to another?. The teacher could could have thrown it away in the absence of the student, or could have thanked the student and tell him that he did not want it.
I agree Tuffour

what is not good for me is not good for anybody else!
I feel the teacher should have explained to the student that they can't take this gift of food because of their religious beliefs! this would have been a GOOD opportunity to witness to this student too which the teacher missed out on, they may not ever get this opportunity again!
I'm currently working in South Korea and while I agree that the teacher shouldn't have passed the ham on to another I disagree that the teacher should not have taken the gift. We teach in a SDA run school so there opportunity usually arises at some point for the teacher to explain our dietary beliefs but it would have been rude for her not to accept it and may have caused bad feelings on the part of the student. If it were a westerner I wouldn't think twice of saying, "No thank you" but here I have to be careful. A few weeks ago a student offered me rice cake after our evening class was finished. Without thinking I said, "No thank you. I've already eaten." I like rice cake but it was 9pm and I had had dinner before our evening class began. Even though I offered her a valid explanation she still looked really hurt. Given the opportunity again I would just take the rice cake and eat it the next day.
Cherry, it is true, the teacher wanted to satisfy the feelings of the student
I would have been very tempted to just throw it away, but I don't see why we have to deny someone a gift of food and give them a health lesson instead. When my Pathfinder club collected canned food, my family took a box with most of the meat we got and gave it to our neighbors, who are not the richest folks in the neighborhood, and they really appreciated it.
Was it unclean meat?. Here is the case we know this is unclean. It is different from I do not like apples but I can give to the one who needs, and I do not like the apple cos it is rotten and giving to somebody to eat, that is bad.
Some of it was probably unclean. I doubt that they would have rather starved than eaten pigs, though.
Ok thank you, I won't take that approach.
I think Miss White had something to say on this subject along similar lines, and I think Miss White would have done the same. I forget where, maybe someone can find it ?

May the Peace and Blessings of Jesus be with you !
Yes, I as thinking the same myself. I recall that EGW was given a quite substantial gift of meat and she then regifted it the those in need. If I have time I will try and find a reference.

I take the point about passing it on if it is unclean meat... that would cause me problems.

But it is also very important, in some cultures more than others, not to offend the giver. Sometimes it makes you seem very rude and/or aloof to refuse such gifts and it is better to graciously accept and thank the giver. It is then up to you how you dispose of the item.
She could have given ham?. I won't. I respect your view.
The person is going to eat Ham whether you give them the Ham or not.

What a witness if you give the Ham to someone explaining that you don't think it is fit to eat. How would the person have such a witness otherwise.

And yes ... Ellen White on occasions would give people food that she felt was unfit to eat.


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