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Hello Advntist Online!  I am new to the site today and have a couple of things on my heart that  I want to discuss.  I must give a disclaimer before I write this ;).  I am not starting this discussion for a pity party. I just want to give and receive some feedback.  I am  a single female over the age of 30.  I attend church each week and get the "Happy Sabbath" after which people go and greet, sit with or hug their other friends.  I have definitely tried to make friends, but once people get to know me they seem as if they don't want to be around me anymore.  There are not many singles my age in the area in which I live, but my goodness I do not have a disease!  I dress up to date and modestly.  I am not after anyone's husband. But can anyone tell me what to do.  I do not hear from anyone during the week.  When I reach out to some of the SDA friends that I have tried to befriend during the week; I receive the cold shoulder.  I can understand the world  having issues with people, but why do those who are supposedly "Christians" seem to act the same way? 

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Not to be rude, but if you're getting kicked out again and again, chances are it's not them, it's you.  Our church had to ban a member from the church property because he thought he knew better than all the members in regards to various activities and doctrines and would interrupt church to make his way known. People were starting to leave the church just to get away from him.

Well, Saul of Tarsus was also very sincere, and later became Paul.  That aside, you may have missed it, but our brother in Christ is hurting.  Most of us, for better or worse lash out when our world is crumbling.  Think about how you would feel if you were losing your place, your wife, your job, and didn't even have a church fellowship to fall back on?  Let's show him some compassion that he is currently missing and pray for relief for him from tribulations he facing in his life.

Let us be merciful as our Father is merciful to us.  Let us love him like Yashua loves us.

Funny how you put that, sounds like a disclaimer you see on a medical ad; beware  "propositional truth over relationships" may happen.  I would rather say that some would not be humble and see others through our Lord's eyes and have to be right all the time.  Sometimes we just have to be quiet, listen and pray for the other person.  You are right Less. 

no nothing wrong with you, seems to be an issue-question must it be adventist friends or how about christian friends that you can then later invite to church, another idea join a life group or cell group these are the ones taht get people involved in your life texting to find out how you doing, i'm married and i can relate to what you saying unfortunately clicks in the adventist church is common, also pray for God to send or allow you to meet the right friends that's what i've done and it's worked.

Lessthanaking David:

"if you are being fired from jobs for being anti-social, being barred from churches by the police and being left by your wife do you think it might be worth praying for God to reveal your own flaws to you?"

Job's friends said the same thing.  When I said "anti-social", I meant I was the only one not smoking marijuana with them.  Read between the lines:  "I hate how they self medicate at break time".  This has gotten me fired, before.

I have only been barred from one church, by a morbidly obese pastor with control issues.  It was an executive decision and no one was in agreement with him.  It was because I couldn't agree with all 41 statements of faith.  I agree with all 28 fundamentals, but I only agree with 11 of the 13 part oath.  Making people agree with so many things is not Biblical.  That's way too many tests of fellowship.  They are just wrong for enforcing such things.

I was not disruptive about it.  I minded my own business.  I witnessed to new people.  I contributed, and was friendly to everyone.  I acted like I belonged there, because I do believe the SDA message.  The tests of fellowship imposed upon me were not biblical.


"Not to be rude, but if you're getting kicked out again and again, chances are it's not them, it's you."

I shared my personal experience, hoping to encourage Wynterbaby.  I risked making myself vulnerable to attacks.  I knew the risk, and I accept the consequences.

All those hurtful words aside, how are you doing today, Rush?  How has God blessed you, or is blessing you?  He loves you, I know that for a fact.  You have a zealous heart.  Spend some time in communion with Yashua today.  He is still there in the midst of your troubles.  I am certain He wants to speak to your heart today.  If your wife is willing bring her in to your prayer session with Him.  I really want to see you guys stay together, please include her in that intimate prayer.  When you reach out to Yashua, His presence comes with a peace that passes all understanding.  His presence comes so thickly, even the very acoustics of the room change.  I know few if any people that can hold a grudge in that environment, whatever hers might be.

I am still praying for you and your situation.  I very much pray that Yashua's blessing, and love fall on you and your situation.

Well, I appreciate it.  Of course, I have to prepare for how it turns out, either way.  I'll make the best of it.  I'm determined to carry on with whatever I end up with.

But, what happened to Wynterbaby?  This is her thread, not mine.

We expressed our love for her as well.  And we lament  any member, such as Wynterbaby being cast aside in the body.  She is also a precious child of the Kingdom. :)

Hey Guys, I know it has been a "minute" since  I posted this. Thank  you for all of the comments and suggestions that you gave; they were very uplifting.  I am still praying and asking God to change the  areas in my life that need to be changed.  In the meantime, I am as some of you suggested keeping my focus on God/worship and building relationships with  others who are outside of my church.  So until my circle of friends grows I have created my own clique with four individuals...God the Father, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and Wynterbaby :P!


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