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It is observed that in several of our churches that members are pulling out and starting their our religious movements and internet groups. Why is this breaking away going on? Is it that the church is not carrying out it responsibility effectively? What do you say.

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Ezra, perhaps you forgot about what Jesus said as found in John 14:26 and 17:17-21?  Jesus never prayed for anyone who reads the words of Paul or Luke or the unknown writer of Hebrews, did He? 


Your statement showes a bias without facts.  Sorry about that!  Try this Ezra, tell me the difference between a 'wheat' and a 'tare'?  Please?

Now its Paul and Luke? You are out of your mind. Peter testified that Paul was an apostle of God, are you going to accuse Peter as well? Throw out the book of Acts? Since you fill that you are the one to decide what is Gods word or not why don't you tell me what the difference is between the wheat and tares. I know what they are but I am sure that you will only tell me that I am wrong anyway. You are on a straight road to hell and I hope you get off of that train before it reaches it last stop.

Ezra we must stop now and pray for Rich.

Let's pray

Divine God your son Rich is somewhat confuse concerning your word which is true and should sanctify him. God we know that this is the plot of the devil to turn us into lunatics. Snatch us from all who the devil put on this site to deceive others. Lord we do not want Rich to be one of such. Take from him now any thought and belief that is contrary to your Truth. allow him to be responsive to your Spirits pleadings. Deliver him now from the hands of the wicked enemy. Thanks for the victory. in the name, mighty name of Jesus AMEN.

Before you pray to your god (Satan) for something that you have no clue about, do some research on who the false apostles were as Jesus prophesied about in Rev. 2:2.


God allowed Satan to be in the bible (NT) in order for people to have a choice to believe in the truth or in lies as He did with allowing Satan into the Garden of Eden.  That is what the prophecy about the wheat and tares is all about.  The shaking is coming very soon and those who refuse to follow the words of Jesus given to us by His eyewitnesses ONLY will be left outside of the door to salvation.  This is NOT something to mess around with.  Calling the whole bible the inspired words of God is blaspheming the Holy Spirit, a sin that will not be forgiven as found in Matt. 12:31.  Wake up before it is too late people!


This response is completely out of line.  Suggesting that someone else prays to Satan is something you simply do not know.  It is a false and negative accusation.  It breaks our rules (4,5, and 7) and must stop.


We do not know the status of your salvation.  But we cannot recognize any influence of Christ in the way you treat others here.  We are praying for you brother.

God bless.

Dear "Adventist On Line"  Did not the rules say to act as Jesus would act?  Did Jesus ever pull any punches?  Did not Jesus call those who said He was of the devil the sons of Satan, the father of all lies?

 I am glad you wrote a message here because I wanted to know IF this "Adventist Online" s just another 'follow the blind leader' like many of the other blogs on the internet.


Does not a parent show love to his children when he sees his child doing wrong?  You do not know me and what I have been through and the intensive study I have been involved in to find out that the Adventist church is right now spiritually sleeping, having a false sense of security.  I asked a simple question and so far, no one has been able to answer it but instead, they want to 'kill the messanger'.  How would you feel about your mother is she did not warn you to stay out of the street and later you got hit by a car?  Huh?  Can anyone here tell me and show me what the difference between the 'wheat' and the 'tare'?  Remember, they grew up together for over 200 years without anyone knowing the difference and then JUST before harvest ONLY the bondservants discover this difference.  Yes, they are the FEW found in Rev. 3:4. 


I was invitied on this blog in order to provide evidence (facts) that many things that we (Adventists) believe are actually false.  Do not you agree with me that EVERY point of conflict should be studied throughly and when tested with the words of Jesus, that we should use His words to trump everything else?


Second of all, I am, and have been an Adventist in good standing for over 60 years.  Does not scripture teach people to respect their elders and those who have 'been there and done that before'?


And lastely, you wrote (testified) that I made a false accusation.  Can you prove this by using the words of Jesus Christ given to us by His eyewitnesses?  If you can't then you may need to apoligize (ask for forgivness as in 'repent').   Believing and practicing a lie (Rev. 21:8 and 22:15) is extreemly serious business!  AND, how do you know that YOU have NOT been deceived?




You are not Jesus nor are you acting like Him.


While on this site we ask that you abide by the rules that you promised to uphold.  This matter is not up for discussion.  If you feel that this is not the place for you, then we wish you Christ's blessings, guidance and love on your journey.  If you wish to continue to be involved here, we ask that you keep your word and abide by our rules.


We are not following any "blind leader".  We are following God and Him alone.  Your rationalizations to excuse your poor behavior do not in any way mitigate the responsibility you have to follow our rules as you have pledged to do.  Is your word true?  Then follow the rules as you said you would.  No excuses.


God bless


PS.  Through our experience  with Redva May, we can assure you that she does not "pray to your god (Satan)" as you suggested.  You have made a false personal accusation that is unprovable.  An apology to Redva May is in order.



If  you are claiming to be an Adventist, you have indeed proven that what some Adventist believe is false. 


I am reminded of a graduation ceremony I attended at Loma Linda University Medical School.  My neice was graduating as a doctor, so her favorite Uncle had to be there.  (She is my wife's oldest sister's girl.) 


The commencement speaker, who was also head of the school of Medicine, made a comment I hope I'll never forget.  He said, and I'll quote as close as I can remember it:


"There is a speech that I give to every freshman class of medical students.  I tell them that half of what we are going to teach them here at Loma Linda is not true.  What is worse, is that we do not know which half is not true.  As graduating seniors, it is your job to go out and find out what we have taught that is not true and let us know so we can upgrade our information."


That, to me, is a classic.  The same thing could be said at Andrews Seminary (I am a graduate there) because the Holy Spirit was sent to "lead us into all truth."  When we are baptized, we are just starting out on a path of discovery to discover truth. 


What I appreciate about this forum is that we can rub ideas together and discover just which ones will hold up to close scrutiny and which ones fall apart.  And for the most part, we all remain friends through the tumbling.


So, yes, alot of what Adventist believe is not true.  That has been true ever since Jesus died on Calvary.  It will be true until we walk on the streets of gold.  For it is the narrow pathway that leads to all truth, and few there are who will find it. 


So, I pray that the rest on this forum will follow me in the path I have chosen, i.e. the path of discovery.  Seeking earnestly to know more and more truth.  As Paul said: "Follow me, as I am following Christ."  Oh, I may make mistakes, but with the help and love of my brothers and sisters, we will all polish each other.  For as Iron sharpens Iron, so brother sharpens brother. 


When people want to polish rock, they put them in a tumbler and add some agrigate then turn on a motor that turns the tumbler, rolling the rocks around against each other.  If rocks had feelings, it would be a most painful experience, I'm sure.  But, when you see the beauty of the rocks when the finally come out, it is amazing.


So it will be when all of us get out of this tumbing, upside down world,  We will all be most beautiful.  Enough so as to be jewels in the crown of the Lord we love so much.  Now, that is beautiful!


So, my brother, don't attempt to be the school master, rather, jump in and allow yourself to be tumbled around real good.  There are some here who can do a good job of it. LOL  (No Names Please!)


Maranatha :)


Rich said:

"Did not the rules say to act as Jesus would act?  Did Jesus ever pull any punches?"


Yes.  Jesus did pull punches.  You would be wise to do likewise.


"But there was one of the Twelve to whom, until very near the close of His work, Christ spoke no word of direct reproof. ... Jesus, seeing that to antagonize was but to harden, refrained from direct conflict. The narrowing selfishness of Judas' life, Christ sought to heal through contact with His own self-sacrificing love. In His teaching He unfolded principles that struck at the root of the disciple's self-centered ambitions. Lesson after lesson was thus given, and many a time Judas realized that his character had been portrayed, and his sin pointed out; but he would not yield."  Education, p. 91, 92 -Ellen G. White


Dear Rich,


16ALL SCRIPTURE is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:

 17That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.

2 Timothy 3:16-17.


As far as I know, it is not what we think and what we believe made the whole matter is true, it is what the word of God made the whole matter is true.


My the Lord help us,



Rich I humbly ask that you accept our prayers on your behalf. Our God is a gentle chiding friend not and arrogant, cursing, judgmental God as is demonstrated by your disposition in your post. The nearer we get to God, the more we know (fear of God is the beginning of wisdom), the wiser we are and the humbler we become. Do an introspect please.

Thank you Ezra.  My Teacher (Jesus Christ) said that the world hated Him first so I am glad you are now showing your true colors.  Since you believe I am doomed, please show me from the words of Jesus ONLY where I am not suppose to build my foundation up HIS words ONLY?


Peter NEVER testified that Paul was an Apostle my friend--so please stop violating the 9th commandment!  IN fact, the book of 2nd Peter was not even written by Peter--IF you would take the time to simple investigate this issue.  What Jesus called "Scripture" was the first five books of the OT.   Show me from the words of Jesus where He chose Saul/Paul to become an apostle if you can.  But I know you can't.  Now do a search for "False Apostle Paul" on the internet and see for yourself all of the people who are having their eyes opened because of Revelation 2:2's prophecy.  And that, my friend, is the difference between the wheat and the tares.  NO ONE knew the difference until this last generation of Bond Servants, who suddenly discovered the difference by putting them to a test found in John 14:26 and 17:17-21. 


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