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Judge unrighteously.

First you communicate badly, while you don’t comptehend that the chip for money and everything else access is the hard ball rubber meets the road for Christianity. To not take the chip is not to worship Satan, who will use self preservation as the stick and the chip and its reward of temporary living as the carrot. All believers will go through a trial of self preservation at risk Jesus was tempted in the wilderness and and yet he did not yield to the Devil. Your extreme hatred and bitterness is yielding to the Devil.

Secondly the post got deleted by accident, I was doing an edit and it crashed, not saved.

You always think evil about me, while you boast you will take the chip no problem.

Frankly, you show no love of God. You revile the spirit of God in manifestation out of total ignorance.

The scriptures state “But the manifestation of the spirit is given to every man to profit withal.”

You have little or no technical and no personal experience of the manifestations of God that He empowers.

There is no manifestations of the Holy Spirit in SDA churches. It is stangled institutionally.

There is supposed to be Prophesy, tongues with interpretation and all manifestations in the assembly and when needed in Christian living. 

So silence and unbelief speaks tons more than Bull Pucky. Your so together why don’t you prophesy, put your mouth working for God directly instead of hating other believers. You constantly insult me and others here.

My life has been threatened and in danger for the Gospel’s sake a multitude of times, not bragging, the truth. You have the audacity to call me for everything including Satanist and all the other hatred manifested tongue of wickedness. How dare you. God is my witness. Satan doesn’t go after complacent pew sitting Christians as they don’t have anything to be a serious threat to his programs.

You need to stop your hate and get back to basics of scripture and have a real spirit relationship with God.

Your not living in love and meekness to other believers and therefore are not loving God, he who hates is not loving. I speak boldly by the spirit and truth, and that rubs your religious spirit the wrong way.

I have prayed for you that God gets through to your thick skull and hardened heart.

I not only can be tough on people like you, I can also be and am compassionate when appropriate.

Despite your evil speaking and hatred I hope you get deliverance from the Gaul of bitterness you are in.

You have a big bitter religious spirit holding you in bondage and hatred.

When was the last time you prayed for God to heal you spiritually and mentally and emotionally?

You are zealous and stubborn, but working a very good example and witness for Lucifer, not God.

Every time you write practically you spew out hatred, false accusations and filth.

No Satanist did anything to me compared to your cursing and hating.

You need to stop looking at others and judging others and judge yourself according to the Word of God.

Your extreme hatred and foul mouth and intolerance and bitter heart tells believers and especially unbelievers a lot, none of it good.

Love of God is supposed to be the motivator and manifested to even unbelievers.

We are supposed to esteem others better than ourselves and all the doctrines and stuff you try to convey speak little compared to the hate and filth you spew out. You have no idea how you look.

A man of God does not act the way you do. 

I have one more thing;

“Thus saith the Lord; I can heal you my people, I can inspire you and show you great things. But the adversary does not want you to walk in my love and power in truth, by the spirit I give you as a gift. My Word and promises are written to each one of you, but my Word must be mixed with believing and trust. If you only realized how I hold you my people in my heart, and your names are written on the palms of my hands and I constantly look out for your benefit and growth in love, knowledge and wisdom until you all meet my Son in the clouds at his return.

As the days grow darker and evil manifests more and more, my light will shine ever so brighter. Seek my face and my voice and that of my Son, for we are here for you personally for each and every one of you. I will strengthen and lead all who seek me in love and meekness. As Moses said, ‘I would that all God’s people were prophets.’

All of my promises are yeah and yeah, not yeah and nay. They are there to believe and act upon and you are all living epistles, and I desire that my children walk in love and concern for others. Anything to the contrary, I will tell you that also as I chasten and correct those that I love, as a Father corrects his children.”

James God have not spoken to you?

Why do you say that? 

Because God does not speak to those who are in the devils camp simple as that 

“Thus saith the Lord"!!

Classic Pentecostal speak!. The argument goes side ways so start speaking 1600th century King James English in a deep voice and start off with "thus saith the Lord". 

God inspires those He chooses and they speak according to their vocabulary and personality as inspired by God. Paul is different than Amos, though both were prophets. Those uninitiated and inexperienced in the spirit of God make carnal judgments from their fleshly minds, neither paying attention to the message from the spirit of God, they look to the flesh and pick at it, forgetting their total lack of walking by the spirit.

"Their pride cometh before a fall and wickedness and unbelief fall from their lips like rain in winter, but with all their talk they please me not, for their hearts are far from me."

Given the "chip" thing I am supposed to quake in fear that you speak for the God of Heaven and Earth. There is a thread for this discussion.

You are persisting in telling us you are speaking from God. It's no good James we have seen your fruit and it is not from God because they stink of sulphur and rotten flesh. 

You mean classic Pentecostal like Smith Wigglesworth, who healed thousands of people and raised 14 people from the dead, and he preached all over the world and one of the reasons he walked with God in power and truth was that he spoke in tongues for 2 hours a day which he called washing himself in speaking in tongues. He who speaks in tongues speaketh not unto men but unto God. He edifieth himself...

Edifying in the spirit is God's will, not against it as some teach wrongfully. You grieve the holy spirit and speak evil of it with total ignorance and wrong teachings from a tradition of no spirit of God in working in the church. You pick at the Word and the spirit, professing to be wise, you become more foolish, speaking with a puffed up mind in disobedience to God's will of believers walking IN THE SPIRIT, NOT CONTRARY TO IT.  IF YOU WALKED BY THE SPIRIT AND SOUGHT GOD'S DIRECTION, THEN YOU WOULD BE INSPIRED AND WOULD DO WORKS BECAUSE YOU WERE MOTIVATED BY THE SPIRIT AND LOVE OF GOD.

When you can do the works of God in the spirit, then you would have some authority and experience to speak, but you know nothing. Spiritually you are in the room of the unlearned, neither knowing or wanting a close walk in the spirit of God, content to be fleshly minded in religion, which God hates because it often defies the very thing God wants. If you wanted a close walk with God and sought his still small voice, you would have it and do it. But no, you speak out of a fleshly mind unable to discern spiritual things because they are spiritually discerned. That means by the spirit and not by the flesh. As Jesus said, this is a crooked and perverse generation, nothing has changed. 

Those who walk in the spirit have inspiration and authority by the spirit. Judge not lest though be judged, though of little faith. Look at your own walk and do not judge by the flesh but by the spirit.

Satanic arguments again speaking about the devil's work? God does not bless deceit and lies that are your stock in trade. 

James, I must have hit on a sore spot if you find it necessary to unload such a heap of BS. Or are you just trying to cover over that you have done a dishonest act and now you are lying to cover it over? You are just a pathetic cheat and a liar to boot. And then you have the effrontery to claim to speak from God You must think we are just as stupid as you are. 

It is God's prerogative to whom HE speaks to, inspires and not yours. How presumptuous of you, how arrogant. You want to put God in an SDA box, confined only to EGW and SDA fundamental principles. You take the chip and you will have no place with God.

"I will have mercy upon whom I have mercy and judgment upon those that defy my spirit, that hate and speak evil of those things they know not, proud boasters thinking their own works will grant them righteousness, but only I The Lord God grants righteousness without the works of the law, but by grace only can you be saved, without works so that no man can boast of his own works.

Thus saith The Lord, I grieve the hatred and contentious spirit of antichrist that is against my will and judgment must first come to the House of The Lord, those alleging to be of the household and of those saying they follow me but are contrary. My Son shall put all things in order when He comes in Glory. No fleshly person who is carnally minded who hates me and my Son and other believers shall have any inheritance in the Kingdom, nor shall they glory no more in their Luciferian light. These are clouds without rain, trees without fruit, other than the fruit of evil and contention. How long shall I strive with you, you of little faith who hate your brother without cause? There is no love in you those that hate whom he has seen and professes to love Me whom he has not seen. I hate those who hate me, and who hate my children. These are those that say they love me but deceit and a lying tongue are in their mouths. Surely judgment shall be upon all those who blaspheme my spirit without repentance."  

But those who walk with me and trust me, they are the gems of the earth whom I cherish and love and they shall obtain eternal life everlasting."

The more you speak wickedness the more God will have to say about things, until He washes His hands as even His patience is at an end at some point. It shall be more tolerable for Sodom and Gomorrah. 

Judgment must begin at the House of God. You are in danger of the judgment that shall have no remedy. Repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand.


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