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This is the day I stop smoking please prayThat do it with Jesus help cuz I want to make him happy 
but i have smoked 4 cigs since pray that i dont do it again

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Thank you for praying for me cuz thats what it takes
I have not had hard time really I have smoked for 45years today is my 13day with out cigs I feel the Lord has done the work I just obey him I knew God would help me with this so Iam so thankful LOVE S
susie what plan are u using may I ask? Remember smoking is a habit that is hard to quit because it is in your blood too// YOU MAY need to change your diet some also for some foods trigger the want to smoke!., the blood needs to be cleansed so whenever u feel the desire to smoke ITS GOOD TO DRINK WATER AND ALSO IF U BE HOME SHOWER OR BATHE IT CLEANS YOUR PORES OF THE NIOTINE THAT IS ALREADY INSIDE YOUR BLOOD .. JUST a little help/ blessings, YOU NEED to wash the inside of the body as well as the outside to clear out all the nicotine residue that is built up over the years
I do shower alot u r right it is in my pores after 45 years of smoking I also drink alot of water
your on the right track susie n as ronas told u ,, God is with you and will help u but in the long run its up to u t choose.... it is not just a one time decison to quiteither u have t be committed to this every time the temptation arises..
many times its after u eat a routine mechanisim trigersin the mind is what I have heard.. u als need to continue taking deep breahs to get oxygen rushing in to the blood too .. believe it or not smokers take in a lot of oxygen smoking cigarettes the only problem is this just ignites the tobbacco and the oxygen gained is lost by the smoke u inhale too!.. Thats why I heard its necasary to deep breathe we today generally take shallow breaths we do not eve know how to breathe properly as we should!..
When I quit smoking some years back I was up to 3 packs a day and couldn't even laugh without hacking and coughing. I will pray for your victory and I know you, with Gods help, can do it.

I found this to be THE most helpful thing - be confident in your mind that you can do it and that you want to do it!! They say it takes 3 weks to develop a habit, you're almost there sister!!

Now let me also say this - 10 years after I quit I would still get cravings, one day I decided to try and smoke little cigars, thinking that not inhaling would be OK - BOY oh BOY did I get sick!! I havent had a craving since then LOL. My father in law quit and still occasionally has cravings as well.The trick is to be confident that you will beat this - Yes God will assist you, but it is YOU who decided to smoke so it is YOU who has to decide to quit. Like all of our sinful tendancies God gives us free will to choose to sin or not, to stop or not. Be sure though, when you make that decision the Lord is with you 100% as are all of us.

Be careful with the snacking as well, find healthy things - NOT CANDY!! Also Susie watch your food intake - I found I ate more after I quit, food tasted soooooooooooooo much better. take up a hobby like painting or knitting or something that keeps your hands busy.

Gods peace


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