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Shun Those With Low Standards, Loose Morals.-- It is wrong for Christians to associate with those whose morals are loose. An intimate, daily intercourse which occupies time without contributing in any degree to the strength of the intellect or morals is dangerous. If the moral atmosphere surrounding persons is not pure and sanctified, but is tainted with corruption, those who breathe this atmosphere will find that it operates almost insensibly upon the intellect and heart to poison and to ruin. It is dangerous to be conversant with those whose minds naturally take a low level. Gradually and imperceptibly those who are naturally conscientious and love purity will come to the same level and partake of and sympathize with the imbecility and moral barrenness with which they are so constantly brought in contact.  {AH 462.2}       A good name is more precious than gold. There is an inclination with the youth to associate with those who are inferior in mind and morals. What real happiness can a young person expect from a voluntary connection with persons who have a low standard of thoughts, feelings, and deportment? Some are debased in taste and depraved in habits, and all who choose such companions will follow their example. We are living in times of peril that should cause the hearts of all to fear.  {AH 462.3} 



We are living in an age where people no longer associate by going out with friends, but we can do that right in our bedrooms. We can be in class or home with parents, while busy with the phone and far away from home or class. We carry our friends in our pockets.


 Satan cannot read our thoughts, but he can see our actions, hear our words; and from his long knowledge of the human family, he can shape his temptations to take advantage of our weak points of character. And how often do we let him into the secret of how he may obtain the victory over us. Oh, that we might control our words and actions!  {FLB 327.7}


This statement reminds me of the line on facebook, "whats on your mind?"


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I agree with you my friend. Its not FB but the people. My problem is when i study the SOP, It talks of us having to carry the bible wherever you go and as you have time, read it. But now the word of God has to compete with so many things. And we have a generation of young people who know nothing about prophecy. FB is the first thing in their minds, not the bible. What are people saying has more significance than what God says in his word.

It depends on the person's intentions for using social networking sites. I see a lot of people having Bible quotes as their status one moment and then five seconds later they are cussing someone out from their status. There are a lot of situations where unnecessary drama that wouldn't otherwise be happening, but thanks to social networking these particular events occur. I mean if you are using Facebook to get in contact with family members who live far away and all that then I would say it's a blessing but if you are using Facebook for one night stands and other drama then yeah that's a different issue.

Yup...that's right...that's why my answer is it depends...

Mz, blessings.
I love your statement. You're sport on.
Here in my country, they had to ban the use of cellphones in class because students were failing at school. They sometimes have the police come to the school just for that purpose.
Check with me.
I'm not saying the social media is bad. Evidently there is a site like Adventist Online. But if you check with me, we all behave in this site, if you get out of order you will be punished.
On facebook we have friends we would not normally associate with in real life.
The devil is able to create a platform where he does not need to guess what you are thinking, you just tell him.


I will be honest here, i have to say that i feel violated by the things that pop up on my FB page, because of this i had to delete some ppl from my contact list. FB is no censored, i see naked pictures of ppl, nasty languages and the list goes on. For that reason and that reason only i think it should be banned. :-o 

I will also state that sometimes i go on there just to read messages, and i find my self an hour or two later still on there not reading messages but browsing pictures of myself or other friends. After going through that i did realize that, there is a danger in this. We really have to be careful how we spend our time,the moment we spend more time finding pleasure in viewing pictures of ourselves or others than meditating on the word of God , we open the path for self idolization.   Many may not see it that way but, that is the truth, we really have to be careful in how we utilize these social networks. 

i didnt have any desire to join facebook!

my family bugged me for a long time

they have a closed group where there post pics and vids and news that we would find interesting!

my wall has all my family n friends saying and posting things that would make angels cry


i wont invite a christian to my be a friend that i meet here


its very important to me to be connected to my friends n family

my brother got in a fight on our facebook with my sis's childhood friend

its so asinine to see my sis friend argue about gay marriages with an atheist

is that how she chooses to win my brother to believe in a god?


get lost!!!!!!!!!!!!!

he blocked her


my son is a big n brawny like me

he is a bouncer at a bar in a city

his cliental are college kids

who cruise each other for one night stands and drink n smoke pot

my son posts every disgusting crazy drunk induced remarks,innuendos,suggestions,declarations and jokes

they say to each other

my son is the messenger


and sometimes im appaled at what i see!

and i thought i heard it all!


there is one wonderful christian on facebook

that is my friend

we have known each other since high school

and we used to live together back in the collge days!

she and i have know each other families since the 70's

she has doesnt judge

she sees the things my fam n friends put out

and doesnt start fights or condem!

we need that

 she is a dear blessing that i love seeing her friends and family and church on  her facebook

he hubby is a minister just started a  church a few towns over


im so glad im on facebook now

i keep tabs on my family

and they keep tabs on me

we dont live as close as we used to

we are spread out


 oh to answer the question: for me its a blessing!

this is a long one, i'll read it when i have time.

FB, is not one of my favorite social networks, sometimes i go on there and i see to many things that should not be there. Therefore i limit my exposure to this net work, i only go on there once a week. I think we all have control over what we view,  the type of friends we entertain and the conversations we participate in. 

Think of it that way.. If you will not have that conversation in the Presence of the Savior, then this conversation needs to be re-evaluated.

blessings EMMY

Emmy, blessing.
I had to de activate my account, not because its evil, but it was begining to compete with Jesus. My morning devotions would come after i've been on face book. But i know face book is good. I love social media, But i'm in charge.

Very powerful statements.. the first time i read through, i came to realize how many of us have unintentionally spoken negativity in our lives.   A preacher once said that, The more you speak negativity in your life, the more negative you life will become.

Revelation 12:11- And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimonies and they loved not their lives unto the death.

If you want to be an overcomer, you have to Speak of the Grace of Christ, Praise Him more, meditate on His word more, WORSHIP HIM MORE. 

Yes i believe we should spend less time on the social networks, that speak not words of edification, but words of destruction. We have to chose our companions wisely, and we have to guard every avenue to our hearts.


Ive noticed that social networks(eg. Facebook, twitter, myspace..) are no longer a "blessing".Just my opinion ok? ! Here are  some of my reasons:

1. It seem to eat up most of the people's time. 

 2. Fb for example, is creating this 'culture' of "happy-go-lucky' people forgetting the real meaning of "life". 

3. Social Networks pulls us away in communicating heart to heart to God.( Dont get me wrong but we are encouraged to post our feelings,problems on these sites rather than confiding them all to God---HE KNOWS BEST)

4. Our most private life are being intruded by these networks.And we could loose our "importance" or "uniqueness" I might say.

5. I dont think it's right to be on( facebook, twitter,) etc on SABBATH DAY! hello people!!!!!!?????? REMEMBER THE SABBATH DAY TO KEEP IT HOLY... Man, you have to read more about the sacredness of Sabbath.

MORE: Observe a person who goes to church on Sabbaths but doesnt really keep the Sabbath, and a person who goes to church on Sabbaths and keeps its holiness(for just a day) . BE KEEN!!! and then BE BLESSED!

oh that would be a good topic





i dont know why u mention my name regarding this

its not even addressed:)


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