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Shun Those With Low Standards, Loose Morals.-- It is wrong for Christians to associate with those whose morals are loose. An intimate, daily intercourse which occupies time without contributing in any degree to the strength of the intellect or morals is dangerous. If the moral atmosphere surrounding persons is not pure and sanctified, but is tainted with corruption, those who breathe this atmosphere will find that it operates almost insensibly upon the intellect and heart to poison and to ruin. It is dangerous to be conversant with those whose minds naturally take a low level. Gradually and imperceptibly those who are naturally conscientious and love purity will come to the same level and partake of and sympathize with the imbecility and moral barrenness with which they are so constantly brought in contact.  {AH 462.2}       A good name is more precious than gold. There is an inclination with the youth to associate with those who are inferior in mind and morals. What real happiness can a young person expect from a voluntary connection with persons who have a low standard of thoughts, feelings, and deportment? Some are debased in taste and depraved in habits, and all who choose such companions will follow their example. We are living in times of peril that should cause the hearts of all to fear.  {AH 462.3} 



We are living in an age where people no longer associate by going out with friends, but we can do that right in our bedrooms. We can be in class or home with parents, while busy with the phone and far away from home or class. We carry our friends in our pockets.


 Satan cannot read our thoughts, but he can see our actions, hear our words; and from his long knowledge of the human family, he can shape his temptations to take advantage of our weak points of character. And how often do we let him into the secret of how he may obtain the victory over us. Oh, that we might control our words and actions!  {FLB 327.7}


This statement reminds me of the line on facebook, "whats on your mind?"


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Man Flower!! you are funny and I like that.   At least you participate. Go! Go! Go!

This is not a secular network  (Adventist on line ) as i have noticed, so i wont say it is wrong to be on this social network on the sabbath, after all we are discussing topics that affect us as Christians.

 This topic is a very interesting one, if you are convinced that you should not log in on FB, twitter etc, then you should stick to your conviction and stay away from it. People all i can say at the moment is, to pray about this issue and let the Spirit lead you into the right direction. 


Ey Gabriel, the world is round! it might be morning over there, but Im about to sleep over here '-)  simple '-)

Ana... You are a blessing. I also agree with you. The sabbath is holy. Just because something comes in a garb of technology does not make it awesome. We still need to be carefull.
Gab, you have a nice name. I think i'll name my last born.
Lets be civil about this okay, we are not at war.

What do you mean advertise church??



Good forum question. I closed my FB account over a year ago. Why?  1. I'd just joined the SDA movement and my SDA friends wanted me to open an account. I got so many invitations from people for friendship, etc. it became overwhelming because of church connections.  I did not wish to hurt anyone's feelings by not "friending" them just because it was the socially acceptible thing to do.  This can be quite dangerous, especially for single women. The second reason was because the CEO of FaceBook, Mark Zuckerburg made a statement about how anyone who used FaceBook was basically an idiot if they thought he could not or would not use their personal data, etc. for means other than originally intended, as a social network. This struck me as a little bit scary as FB has over 500 million members. Yes, Mr. Zuckerburg is young and was being irresponsible with a statement like this and yes, ANYONE who posts on the WWW is taking a risk with personal data, however his statement and the amount of power FB holds gave me pause.    

The bottom line is FB and other social media networks have positive and negative attributes.  Social media is not going away and it is going to impact every aspect of our lives, whether you join FB or not. That said, it should  be used wisely and with discretion. 


ive disabled my account for a few days

i will be back

this time without seeing certain posts from certain people

its the only way i can enjoy it

I like that, Japf. Nice to actually have people who are actually in control. Its even addictive. I have an article which i will post very soon. Maybe tomorrow.

Paul...what has this guestion got to do with our salvation?  Same question, different words!

I love you man... Now, did you read my question? I'm just asking... Whether you eat or drink, do it to the glory of GOD.

it's a mixed bag... horrible things have happened on FB, hazing, bullying, etc. But, also people do reach out to others and are a testimony to others... It depends how you use it and what are you looking at... people can be watching trash on TV and reading bad stuff.


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