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As many you know that I'm currently attending Southern Adventist University. This semester, I'm taking a Studies in Daniel class and I'm required to do a 12-18 pages paper from a topic that a my professor let me choose. I choose "The validity of the 457BC decree to rebuilt Jerusalem" I need to find at least 10 different sources (3 or 4 internet source, 1 from Ellen White, may use the scriptures but not counted as a source). One more thing, the paper can be a theological, different interpretations to argue that the SDA church are correct.I was wondering if you have had any source suggestions for me so I can get started. Thank you so much in advanced!

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Gabriel, grace and peace.

I don't know if this helps or not,but:

Secrets of Daniel by Jacques B. Doukhan

Daniel; A Commentary by Norman Porteus



D&R and some of us oldsters know it by, is very good.  However, it should be taken in the light of the work of Dr. C. Mervyn Maxwell, as they had much more to work with that Uriah Smith did not have available to him.  He did a very good work for what he had to work with.


Maranatha :)


PS.  I have read it through more than once and I learned much from what he wrote.

wow the uses that we make of this web site... thank God for that 



A very good source on the book of Daniel are the two books by my close friend, Dr. C. Mervyn Maxwell, titled: "God's Love" volumes 1 and 2.  He and I were close friends and I greatly respect the work that both he and his brother, Malcom Maxwell, who I was also good friends with.  Both of them were my professors.  Malcom taught me how to study these prophetic books, using Daniel as an example, when I was at Walla Walla.  His teaching was the best I had on the college level. 


Then I met his older brother, C. Mervyn Maxwell, when I went to the Seminary.  We formed a friendship that lasted until his passing.  In fact, just a few hours before he ended his sojourn on earth, he called me to say "Good bye."  I'll always treasure that phone call, even if it did mean a great personal loss.  His wife had been an invaluable help when I was doing an independent research project, when studying in the White Estate Vaults.  I could not have found half of what I was looking for, without her help. 


Also, if you can find any material by Dr. Hans Larendelle, that will also be a good source of information.  However, his emphasize was more on Revelation, not Daniel. 

Another good source on Daniel would be any material you can find written by Dr. William G. C. Murdoch.  He has possibly been the best scholar on Daniel that we have had in the church (I cannot speak for the current scholars as I have not kept up with who they are).  He wrote the notes in the Vol. 4 of the SDABC on Daniel.  However, if you can find a later sample of his writtings, he had learned much that he shared with us in his class on Daniel at the Seminary that is not in the commentary.  He lived and breathed Daniel and he is very good.  I  had engaged in considerable research in Daniel before I took his class.  So, I was in a position to recognize his depth in the subject. 


Hopefully these will be of help to you.


Maranatha :)



Yes, Gabriel


God Cares is the name of the book.  It comes in two volumes.  Probably still available at the ABC.  It was published by the Pacifc Press in 1981.


Happy Sabbath!


Maranatha :)

Gabriel, thanks for your question. May the Lord bless you for sharing. When you are done, will you please post your research? If we could use the website for things like these. Wow. What a blessing. Thanks Ray.

Hello Gabriel. It is interesting I think, that Walter Martin (who once challenged Adventism on many points) wrote that,


"The Millerites believed that the prophecy of the seventy weeks of Daniel [chapter] nine must date from the year 457BC, which as recent archaeological evidence confirms, was the exact date of the decree of King Artaxerxes to rebuild Jerusalem."

["The Kingdom of the Cults", 1997 edition, Walter Martin.]


Even some of our greatest enemies are willing to confirm the 457BC date.

Yes Gabriel, I own a copy of the book, and can confirm that Bethany House Publishers (Minneapolis, Minnesota) published the 1997 edition.


I have found a 1977 edition of the book, and the sentence I quoted earlier, is printed exactly the same in that edition. The 1977 edition was published (by the same publishing house) while Martin was still living. Walter Martin died, according to Wikipedia, in June 1989.

If you have access to an old Bible (with Ussher's dating in the margin), you will find that Ezra 7 is dated at 457BC. This was how William Miller got the starting date for the 2300 years.

I hope I'm not overdoing things here Gabriel, but it looks like a full version of Martin's book is available at full-proof dot org. On their home page if you click the Resources tab, then Index of Authors, you can get to Walter Martin. The book (1997 edition) is there... it appears to be available as pdf.


If that doesn't work, I suggest googling "Kingdom of the Cults" pdf

Hi Gabe,

I haven't posted for a while otherwise I would have given you these earlier - I suspect others have mentioned them anyway :-)

I recommend the following to you:

(i) Views of the Prophecies and prophetic Chronology, selected from the manuscripts of W. Miller. With a memoir of his life by J. V. Himes - see pp.121/2 & chart on p.24;

(ii) Practical Lessons from the Experience of Israel for the Church of To-day by F.C. Gilbert - p.150 (and rest of chapter)

(iii) Daniel & Revelation by Uriah Smith - see p.220 (and rest of chapter)

(iv) Sacred Chronology by S. Bliss - pp.152-154 (for determination and accuracy of date)

(v) The Chronology of Ancient Kingdoms Amended by Sir Isaac Newton - p.41 (in A Short Chronicle) & p.367 onwards (in the original pagination). For other versions read Chapter VI Of the Empire of the Persians.

I realise that I may be a bit late at getting this to you but I hope that they are of help anyway. If you need EndNote or RefManager citations I could probably get them... and if you are not able to source a copy of any of the above I caqn send you the relevant parts.

Thanks for this topic. Nice to have a topic with just people helping - no arguments :-) I appreciate teresa and Stewart's input - very helpful.


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