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Does anyone besides me feel there is something more than just the "testing of a prophet" involved with these posts the last three days?

If we are all Christians who truly believe in the word of God, how come so much insulting and personal attacks are being made and whats worse... ALLOWED?

Anyone with a true Christian heart feeling this is all very wrong?

This is called "Adventist online",  IS IT TRUE ADVENTISM with the professed love and truth Seventh Day Adventist claim to be blessed with? or something more out of curiosity and entertainment?

Matthew 22: 36 “Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?”

37Jesus replied: “ ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ c 38This is the first and greatest commandment. 39And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ d 40All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”

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Is this posting a  little much for some of you to respond to? does it cut into your plans of continuing the war?

do you just live FRUSTRATED all the time Ron? sure seems like it......JUST TESTING.

When the spirit of satan leaves you, you will be a wonderful christian too.

How about you Joyce?  When will the spirit of Satan leave you?


Thank you very much Evie, you really have a sweet heart. thats an excellent idea.

Thank you very much Evie, you really have a sweet heart. thats an excellent idea.

Evie, Joyce knows this already because I told her how last week, I showed her how to do it, she knows how and would if she really wanted to she would close them. This is not new information for her. If you want things to die down you would close the threads, if you want things to die down you would not keep started them on the very subject you want to die down.

God have mercy on you. there was NO test.  This has been just an all out attack. God have mercy on you. I forgive you. whether or not you think you require it.

get honest and real zithro

Grace I have thought and read and prayed and pleaded with God, and tried to figure it out.

In the beginning it was shocking, it was amazing, it was UNBELIEVABLE. But it WAS happening. in small slices, but it was happening. I really don't believe anything will come of it because no one will believe. that will never happen.

What if?? what if God has chosen him? what if he has not? I don't get messages and dreams etc. But I know my husband. I also know he's relatively new into the church, I know he was bombarded with Illegal garbage at the SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST church in the very beginning. ( I wrote about that, but no one will even attempt to remember what I said about that). THATS THE SINISTER Part!!

I absolutely told AO what happened when we first joined our local church, how my husband was asked to do a job with the men of the church, and he gladly joined in only to find that they were doing things without going through the proper channels of the law. He, being brand new, was shocked and disappointed, as it turned out, the situation was dangerous for anyone involved, and he finally had to turn them over to the authorities. This made the church leaders very angry. The law shut their project down for 2 yrs because they had slid around the necessary permits and duties to make the situation legal, and the project was still very dangerous and unsafe for anyone to continue without calling in proper precautions plus permits to continue.

Okay, so now I've told that story before on AO, how they conveniently forgot about that and decided that it must be how strange and wicked my husband and I are that the church has not been very thrilled with us.

Then I told them how we were blessed to buy a set of sound equipment the whole church had been praying for, (we were there and heard them praying for it) we were able to buy and provide it. The pastor was thrilled, until he spoke to someone at the church who Immediately denied the GIFT. The pastor had even come to see the things we bought brand new and presented to the church as a GIFT!!  The evening we were to meet him at the church and install it, he called telling us not to come and bring the stuff, The church had refused it!!!!!  His words were "I didn't take the "right channels",

Lets see how did we feel??? hummmmm.  After that, (leaving much out) the majority of the church did NOT know we had offered the equipment to the church and the pastor told no one. but... they were still praying for it. We stood up and asked the pastor why he didn't tell the church it had already been offered but it was turned down by SOMEONE on the board.

Then the pastor asked us where we got the very equipment we had ended up selling, (we didn't need it), and lost on it, BECAUSE THE CHURCH WANTED TO BUY SOME LIKE IT.  

I wonder if anyone on AO has ever had such a difficult time being a NEW COMER???

The regulars on AO already KNOWS this happened. and all the time my husband was getting dreams, and writings.

He dared to tell the pastor, who admitted it was too much for him to deal with.

So I being a real dumb person thought we might find someone to listen to his situation about the dreams, visions and writings on AO. WHAT A MISTAKE THAT WAS. All the while my husband has NOT stopped loving God, in fact he's drawn closer, realizing there is NO ONE ON EARTH that can be trusted, "NO NOT ONE".   Only God can be truly trusted only HE has patience, love and truth. Certainly NOT the church I was raised in and came to love.

this has taken place over the past 2 about 1/2 yrs. and we're still with the church, and other churches are either very "progressive", or way too far to drive, and we find much LESS LOVE and acceptance on AO.  But... we still love the doctrines of the church and our God. that has NOT changed in spite of EVERYONE. The church is suppose to be made of people, ....... not just a building. We even believe as Ellen White wrote, "the church will seem as if it's about to fall, but it will not", so we've bucked up and stayed with it.

I didn't LIE, I misrepresented myself in order to protect someone I love and felt so badly for. I have not told a single LIE. Can NO ONE tell the difference?  is this really Adventist people? REALLY?




No Ron, I've seen your vicious attacks on others on other topics. Good try though

yes she want AO to forgive her and her husband and accept him as a true prophet of the Lord 


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