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Narcissism. The reason that many Christians have a problem with developing empathy skills is because they have a problem with narcissism. Narcissists are not necessarily bad people. Narcissism simply means that, for whatever reason, the person's only point of reference in life is himself. For the narcissist only his thoughts, his feelings, his perceptions are fully real. For him the thoughts, feelings, and perceptions of others are less real. In the religious context, narcissists simply assume that what they think God thinks, and what they believe is Bible-based. They take it for granted that any idea that jumps into their heads is from the Holy Spirit and that they are only following the promptings of the Holy Spirit whenever they decide to do anything. The fact that other people may see their words as being less than holy, their motives as being less than pure, and their actions as being hurtful and injurious never occurs to them. When you believe that you are right and righteous, then all that you say and do is right and righteous. Any thought to the contrary never enters the picture.

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I get a LOT, if I take time to read them; which today I did, THANKS BUNCHES! God BLESS

That is right. This is used to strengthen themselves, gives power and pride, confidence. But they have difficulties too a, sure. But let's forget the isms regarding this  particular matter,but on what the Bible itself says.....for the Word of God is like a 2 edged sword. Let each one make a habit of giving God His glory and honor, to overcome this particular ism.

Teresa now where you get this from.


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