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Is it biblical?

Should we apply it in our church?

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It's not biblical, don't fall for that deception and tell anybody you know who practice that.

How about Biblical there any difference between the two???

Jierd See Ronald White post to see the difference between the two.  Here is more info on Spiritual Formation:

yes..i agree with's only deception.

Ya, it's bad.  Mkay?  You don't have to watch the whole boring 2 hour video to figure it out.  They are all against it, and have none of the Spiritual Formation advocates to debate with.  Where's the fun in that?

If that is true, then what is the purpose of our daily communion with God through prayer and Bible study??? Why do we need to go church???

How can we say to our members that we should grow spiritually, if we are not being formed spiritually??? I mean what's the sense of that???

Just asking...

May I know those methods sir???

Correct me if I'm wrong, are saying sir that Spiritual formation or Biblical Spirituality should happen among God's people???

They're not the same.  Did you read the link I put about the danger of Spiritual Formation?

I agree. We should NOT apply this to our church, it is from Satan. I did not realize it until our world elders, leaders brought it out. Here in Ohio, after I did a little study on it and heard what others were saying, were doing it too :(  At youth rally's there would be 'rooms' set up for this type of prayer. When I saw them and went into one, I it felt uneasy, after that is when I heard that the spiritural formation, contemplative are from satan- warring for our minds!!

Back in the 1800s all the Protestant churches taught that the Pope is the anti-christ, and the Catholic church is Babylon, Mother of Harlots.  Since then, they have completely abandoned this teaching, and are getting along great with the Papists.  And this is how the Jesuits show their appreciation and support, by teachings protestant churches the spiritual exercises of Loyola.  They have guided meditation workshops, and teach mantra chanting, and many other such New-Age type things.  Walter Veith talks a lot about this.

this is an article from the early 1900's that tells how we as a people could  become subject to a false revival.

in fact sister white said it was revealed to her it is called the omega

It is not biblical and will result in the destruction of true spiritual life in your church..


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