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Can someone help me figure out this confusion:

What does the Bible say about playing sports?
I know that your not supposed to be competitive, and not supposed to play on the sabbath?

I need good answers for this person who is considering giving the majority of their time to baseball.

Which I understand is wrong because the thing you spend the most of your time doing that is not related to God could be your downfall, I hope I worded that right.
What I mean is, shouldn't the majority of your time be spent serving God? Not playing baseball?

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You got it right, majority of the time should be spent with God. Anything taking His place becomes an idol or mammon.

Games which were invented by ancient Greece were dedicated to Greek gods, it was some mode of worship to satisfy their gods, so that brother/sister who is dedicating majority of their time to baseball is doing something wrong, they should dedicate their time searching and studying the word of Jehovah.

Hi Crissy

The bible says nothing about playing sport competitive or otherwise. If the person is considering a career in baseball that is to say he will make his living by playing baseball professionally, then I see nothing wrong with that. As long as he doesn't transgress the commandments by his baseball playing i.e playing on sabbath, taking steriods, cheating etc.

Most people work 9 to 5 plus an hour each way to their job plus another hour getting reading to go on the job. That equals 11 hours a day on average on the job. We then spend another 7-8 hours or sleeping that leaves us with about 5 or 6 hours spare. How much of that 5-6 hours a day do we truly give to God? Joseph you say the majority of our time should be spent with God but you will find that we all give him pittance of our time.

I am sure you will argue that we can give God our time on the Job and I am sure the gentleman can also give God his time on the baseball field. People are always so quick to get all super spiritual without fully understanding what they are actually saying. Of course sports can become an idol but not anymore that a regular Job, how many of us give our Job our all and have nothing else to Give?
Good Balanced Post Charlie.

As Good as usual.

I believe that you should spend whatever free time you have serving God and glorifying Him and I can't see how playing a ball game does that, he argues saying that I am going to use the gift God gave me and play for Him. I know not all athletes are "evil" but most get caught up in the fame and fortune and fastpaced lifestyle. How is there room for God when theres practices and games, and playing on sabbath, (I dont know of any sport NOT played on sabbath).
Thank you Ian! That is just what I was looking for. 4Him, yes we need to go where God leads us, bu how you be so sure God is the one leading him here? why would God lead someone to a place where they can ultimately become consumed with greed and compettitve (cannot spell that) attitudes?
I can't know where and why God is leading someone somewhere. I can't judge for them. I can share principles of warning and concern. But then I just have to pray they remain strong and are able to witness for good. Encourage them to remain in Jesus. Support them in their walk with God. Then just turn them over to Jesus. He can bless them in any situation.

I've known basketball players that would refuse to play during the Sabbath hours. During the playoffs ... the coach and the opposing team would be well aware that the star player would not be playing. It can be a witness. Newspapers have picked this up nationally. Many have been inspired by this dedication. So, who knows.
however, under contract they are still being payed on the sabbath wether they play or not
They are not paid for Sabbath play if it is spelled out in the contract that they will not play on Sabbath.
i did not know that, i still feel it is wrong.
they are supporting an activity in which causes many people to break the sabbath wether they play or not. they are still on the team and people pay money to watch them play on sabbath
Many employees get time off from working on the Sabbath.

If we were not allowed to have a job where others in the same employment worked on Sabbath ... this would severely limit job opportunities. I've never heard of this requirement before. A new on on me.

But God bless your convictions. I just would not try to impose them on someone else.
I think we should go where God leads us.
Sometimes finding specific Biblical texts to apply to some issues is difficult. Because Bible is silent on them, but sometimes general Bible principles can apply. For instance we are not supposed to do certain things on Sabbath. Baseball match can be fixed on Sabbath and one cannot do it. The person can argue that we have a lot of business men and women in the church who spend much time in their work place and still serve God, so he or she will apportion his or her time well. The person should study most professional baseball players and know more about what entails in doing that. In situation like that career counsellors who are Christian too can help.


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