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Can someone help me figure out this confusion:

What does the Bible say about playing sports?
I know that your not supposed to be competitive, and not supposed to play on the sabbath?

I need good answers for this person who is considering giving the majority of their time to baseball.

Which I understand is wrong because the thing you spend the most of your time doing that is not related to God could be your downfall, I hope I worded that right.
What I mean is, shouldn't the majority of your time be spent serving God? Not playing baseball?

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Yes. the majority of our time must be spent in serving God. Sport is good. The reason is because it can build our health as part of the NEWSTART (N-nutrition, E-exercise, W-water, S-sunshine, T-temperance, A-air, R-rest, and T-trust in God) requirements. However, if the time spent in having sports exceed the time where we are suppose to serve God, the person must change himself to lessen the time spent in having sport. Wouldn't we want to spent our time with our wonderful Savior? :)
Boyon do you spend as much time with God as you do sleeping or working??
Lol I think the point was we need to spend as much time as we can with God, serving God, getting to know Him through His word, as we can. Is there anything wrong with that?

Didn't John the baptist I think it was say something along the lines of "I must decrease so that He can increase"?

No one here I'm sure is perfect. Some may not be dedicating as much time as they may somewhere else to God, for example as in the sleepn vs... but I think the point is to spend as much time as we can and not let something else take #1 in your time. : )
Good point Jose, as always :)
IMO I see no place in the Christian life for "Commercial Sports" in either watching or participation. Complete time wasters.... A person pursuing Commercial Sports does not actually
"produce" anything useful to society. He wins today, loses tomorrow ...So what???? In the "grand scheme of things" when the Lord call us...what difference will it make whether the Orlando Magic of the Detroit Pistons won last night? 'nuff sed..
Agree Nuff sed. Good point, clear and simple but yet affective.


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