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I find it hard to believe that not a single Adventist is decrying the reign of Steve Bannon. His prescription for the world takes a page out of the SDA eschatology playbook, and I am waiting for the outcry that He is prophetic evidence for Christian global supremacy. Bannon is Catholic, and has been advocating for a Gobal Christian war to cleanse the earth. He is an opponent to the current Pope and has been pushing the Vatican to take a more militant approach to defeating Islam and secularism.  He calls this war a 4th cleansing which is necessary to keep Christianity as the major force in the world. Why are the SDA voices so silent on this issue.


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Well, liberals love liberals. I can't say that I have any respect for Obama, myself. I would pick him as the worst, mostly because of almost ten trillion dollars of additional debt, and the travesty if Obamacare. So there you go.

Given that the US debt is astronomical we know Obama did not start that wheel going it was Bush. And it seems like Trump are not able to apply a brake either. 


Under Bush, national debt increased by $4.9 trillion. Under Obama, it increased by $9.1 trillion. You really want to say that Bush is culpable for the $4.9, but Obama is not culpable for the $9.1? Really?

So does this mean you loved Clinton, because it went down under Clinton.  Actually, if we stop having wars and overspending on security and defense, we might be able to bring it down again.

So you admit that Obama was worse than Bush with respect to national debt? It would be hard for you not to. Just pointing out that $9.1 trillion is almost twice what $4.9 trillion is. Just wanted to see you say it.

David, Jack just owned you ;)

The President does not legislate, the Congress does.  So it is Congress and its budget.  Most of the time what the President wants in the budget never gets in there anyway.  Dr. Chaffin might own slaves, but he will never own me.  My ownership was given up years ago to a man named Jesus.

I'm fine with accepting that the Congress was more responsible for the Obama deficits than Obama was (even though they basically gave him what they wanted and were terrified of him shutting down the government), so long as you all me to say that the Republican Congress in the 90's under President Clinton were more responsible for the BALANCED budgets of that time.  You can't have it both ways.  Either the President is ultimately responsible and gets the blame or credit, or the Congress does.  So which is it?

I think the Congress is the ultimate driver of the budget, so I would give the credit or the blame to that body.

Okay.  So we can correctly allege that the Republicans were the ones responsible for the last series of balanced budgets we had?

If that is true, then we can also say that in 4 of the 8 years of Obama (when the Republicans held the Senate and House), the Republicans were responsible for the trillions of dollars of additional debt, right?  That is FY 2014-FY2016.  The deficits for those years, calculated by the CBO, is $2.2 trillion.  The deficits for all of the 8 years of Obama was $9.1 trillion, which means that the Republicans were responsible for about 30% of the deficit under Obama.

Hard to know in a month, isn't it? Are you a prophet?

Steve Bannon is awesome, GO TRUMP!


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