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I find it hard to believe that not a single Adventist is decrying the reign of Steve Bannon. His prescription for the world takes a page out of the SDA eschatology playbook, and I am waiting for the outcry that He is prophetic evidence for Christian global supremacy. Bannon is Catholic, and has been advocating for a Gobal Christian war to cleanse the earth. He is an opponent to the current Pope and has been pushing the Vatican to take a more militant approach to defeating Islam and secularism.  He calls this war a 4th cleansing which is necessary to keep Christianity as the major force in the world. Why are the SDA voices so silent on this issue.


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Dr. Chaffin,

Then you must realize what a shameful load of nonsense the last election was for our democracy.  Both candidates were flawed way beyond the point of no return.

Yeah, you missed a real carnival ride there "in country."  David.

And yet one of them was going to win.  I simply chose the one whose policies were closer to my beliefs.  I remembered "HilleryCare" in the 1990s - which was a much more coercive scheme, and understood what she would do if she had a chance.  (Do you remember that she would have made it a crime, an actual crime, punishable by fine or jail, for a willing doctor to accept money for health care from a willing patient?  A shameful proposal.) 

How is he the worst President if the stock markets are going up 

And how does that affect you?

Affects my dad, my grandparents, and everyone who is in retirement. Ensures that their retirement funds actually pay them to live. These are not millionaires. Just people who get a few thousand dollars a month from a 401k.

They get a hospital bill of $200,000 like I did early this year for last year and not much of their 401K is going to be left if Trump messes with Medicare and Social Security.

Obama already "messed with Medicare". He stripped almost a trillion bucks from Medicare to pay for part of the ACA. Think that has no effect?

I think it is interesting that people who don't find it objectionable at all, what Obama ALREADY DID, are raising horrible flags over what they suppose that Trump MIGHT do.

Obama got something done about an issue that both Republican and Democratic Presidents were not able to get done in years, and after seeing the House proposal for replacing ACA, most people are not confident in the result.

I don't like it either.  The ACA needs to be repealed.  The initial Ryan-written program that has been proposed will not pass.

It's affecting my business very well and my life extremely well ;) 

OK, perhaps I went a bit far, but Trump is the worst President in my lifetime and he has not really done much yet.  I found Obama refreshing and a dignified man, and someone whom I respect.  Can't say the same for Trump.

I agree David.


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