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I find it hard to believe that not a single Adventist is decrying the reign of Steve Bannon. His prescription for the world takes a page out of the SDA eschatology playbook, and I am waiting for the outcry that He is prophetic evidence for Christian global supremacy. Bannon is Catholic, and has been advocating for a Gobal Christian war to cleanse the earth. He is an opponent to the current Pope and has been pushing the Vatican to take a more militant approach to defeating Islam and secularism.  He calls this war a 4th cleansing which is necessary to keep Christianity as the major force in the world. Why are the SDA voices so silent on this issue.


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Brannon's stated goal is a necessary holy war.

Link that statement please.  Google seems to be failing me when I try to search for it.  If you can't, your comments just sound like more fear mongering and over exaggerations to me.  Supporting Trumps moves in Syria would be Bannon's golden opportunity to start a 'holy war' as you claim and his current position would make no sense in the context of how you seem to want to present his end game.

Advice just focus on God and don't get too caught up when people in political positions act like politicians.  Hillary's record as a politician of flip flopping cost her the election more so than the people who are still bitter over the election want to criticize Trump for.

They are all weird dudes who allighn with anyone who will put money in their pockets. The Rome conspiracy is self serving lacking sufficient evidence.


Are you touchy about Rome?  If we looked at the connections to Rome or even who is Catholic we might see a pattern. This idea of being a nationalist equals a Nazi does not hold water, it is an often used argument by globalists. Who created the "nations" and why? God created the nations  because humankind rebelled and created the tower of Babel. He, God confused the languages and made people scatter and be fruitful. If you look at Rome, banking and Nazi's you see the first  training mission or dry run to rid the world of Sabbath keepers.  The Roman, or Vatican bank became extremely wealthy from supporting Italian fascist dictators, German Nazis and defrauding Jews. It isn't conspiracy it is historic fact.   Speed forward to today and look at just what the recent popes have stated and the most recent visit by a pontiff  to Washington and you start to see a pattern of

those connections.   Sunday law is real and is happening. 

Bart how true it is, as soon any words are said in a negative way about the RCC our resident Jesuit comes out with defensive words to deflect any negative light be cast on the RCC.

The Bible as well as SOP has stated the ultimate goal of the Papacy is world domination. Together with the USA they will rule and dominate the world, to the extent that religious freedom will be obliterated. What we do not know who or what will be the driver to set this in motion.


This discussion is proof positive that some should be better students of Bible prophecy.   Bannon is at best on the side lines and other neo-cons have taken over.


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