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This week's lesson is found here:

To watch Doug Batchelor's Sabbath School class at Sacramento Central Church, go here:

Just make sure you come back here and discuss it. :-) I look forward to learning more about discipleship through the discussions here. God bless!

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hello, this week our lesson is very interesting, and upon studying there is many things we can learn from it with the help of the holy spirit. the question was asked by Steven, what is stewardship? According to the young adult lesson study stewardship is how you manage, tend, or care for the gifts God has given to you e.g your life, relationships, and your possession. Stewardship is not only about money but it is also your talents, time and gifts that you can use to share God's love to others. this week let us all be faithful stewards for our lord and savior Jesus Christ!

Thanks again for input...appriciated very much...GBU
Blessings to those who seek to listen Sabbath school lessons online this week, I strongly recommend
Ken Hart's Sabbath School Class is recorded weekly on the campus of Loma Linda University in the Randall Visitor Center at 11080 Anderson Street (at the corner of Anderson Street and University Court) in Loma Linda, California. Recordings and Handouts are provided here in multiple formats for your personal and group study.
I was blessed and challenged by this week's lesson. I was again reminded that my talents - whether money, strength, time, health, or anything that God lent us - are His, and are to be used in preparing ourselves for His Kingdom. Not only that, but it is all about the "Great Controversy" between Christ and Satan for the souls of men. We need to be active soldiers on Christ's side, or else, when He comes, He will say "Depart from me; I never knew you!"

Let us remember that Jesus said that we are either gathering with Him, or scattering abroad. Our wise and faithful stewardship of all that He lent us, would result with us gathering with Him. Then we will enter His Glory when He comes, for we would have surrendered ourselves and our talents to His service.


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