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Recently from UTube videos people have recorded strange sounds ranging from unexplained jet rumbling , to dinosaur bellows, and to  alien noises...Could it be HARRP ascoustic waves or God waking us out of sleep? Certainly and eerie wake up call for the end of time....

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I did see those videos,brother Rob. It seems that worldly people are beginning to wake up,but God's people are still sleeping. It is no coincidence that all these weird occurrences are happening around the world,and all the natural disasters  in every corner of the world.

Could it be that these events will bring about the final events which will occur right before the sunday law?

It certainly is a wake up call to all of us! 

Right on brother Zowi, I reckon Jesus will send physicial signs of the end of time, but these strange sounds inthe skies threw me off guard....certainly sun eclipse and lunar eclipse and maybe even shooting stars on a grand scale are potentially all due to come to earth very soon, like it did at the first time Israel looked for the second coming around 1844....we are nearing home ...Jesus is coming soon !


El Shaddai website ministries says a triple event of sun, lunar and Jewish calendar dates are all due this year, 2014 , signs Jesus is coming soon.... even at the doors ...Jesus is coming soon.....


Happy Sabbath


Lol...its "sister" Zowi.... its kinda of late, get some rest. And Happy Sabbath to you.   :)


Sorry zowi, yes its late here in AUstralia

Daniel you see a lighter side ?


Has anybody checked out El SHaddai ministries about the tell signs of the soon return of Jesus, there are signs this 2014 not to repeat for another 300 years in the heavens.....


Perhaps this global sounds are part of God waking us from slumber....



Yes, I see a lighter side.  God waking us from slumber comes in what Jesus described to His disciples, dreams, visions, and prophecies giving to His people in the last days.  A strange sound track does not qualify.  We must remain vigilant and not get off on strange tangents or we will be deceived.  

I heard about this back in 2011 I believe....

In whale flatus?

These things could be examples of  " fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven" that the bible mentions in  Luke 21:11

These can be true and God is allowing them as a mean of waking up all who are sleeping in and out the church.  The enemy has the power to do many things except giving life.  We must remember that Satan's masterpiece of deception is to impersonate Christ on this earth, but Christ will not touch the earth at His second coming.  The enemy is using spiritualism in these last days; therefore, he will perform many strange acts, even to bring down fire from heaven.  Our only safety is in God's word not depending upon signs. 

I agree with this comment. I spent some time investigating the sounds and questioned their meaning. Much of the mainstream Christian world have accepted this phenomena as a sign from God to prepare for his return.
I must admit I was in awe of these supernatural sounds but at one point when listening to a recording I felt that there was demon activity involved which is why I questioned the sounds.
We must remember that scriptures teach that Satan will try to simulate Christ’s return. I don't know for sure if these sounds are from God or a counterfeit deception to lead people from the truth however the thoughts I have had personally are as follows…. Satan is not omni present (everywhere at once) so his deceptions will be dotted around the earth in various places brought about by demons and mastered on the internet.  In comparison, when Christ returns, the whole world will know all at once.  
It does make me wonder if the sounds dotted around the earth are Satan’s deceptions for what ever reason he would have them. Perhaps to compliment the deceptions still to come  as a collective?
As Ross Sawyer mentioned in an earlier comment that from luke 21v11 which says “fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven.” I have no doubt that this is a wake up call allowed by God but that doesn’t mean it is God or His agents doing it.  Rather I believe that it is a wakeup call for further study into the truth of Gods word.
Another thought though is if you have heard the drum sounds on these internet clips, they are in the rhythm of the ancient pagan devil worship. If any of you have heard and agree with Christian Berdahl’s lessons on music and worship you will be asking why would it be God playing this kind of music into the atmosphere?
After some prayer about this I asked God to not let me be deceived. The next morning I awoke and as I was thinking about the sounds and my involvement in investigating them  when a scripture came to my mind - Matthew 24v26

Talking about false prophets and false Christs the scriptures say

Wherefore if they shall say unto you, Behold, he is in the desert; go not forth: behold, he is in the secret chambers; believe it not.

From this I gathered that even though this is just a sound and not an actual false Christ or false prophet, the fact that many believers are tuning in and investigating these sounds on the internet (including myself) is a cause for concern especially if our study of these events becomes more important than the study of God’s word.
Where the scripture says “Behold he is in the dessert; go not forth….” we imagine ourselves going to spectate wherever these things are at some location. The language in the times this passage was written encompassed the only means by which people could access this kind of information (by foot) however in this day and age “the field” wherever these events happen can be seen at the click of a button. (via the internet). How incredible are the deceptions of Satan. We could understand scripture to now mean “Wherefore if they say unto you, behold, he is in the desert, go (via internet) not forth. Hmmmmm interesting thought.

Really well written Julia, thanks for the share...I would agree even the Internet is becoming a Satan  deception , but that also God is using the www for spreading the breath of salvation too.

Indeed signs are helpful in getting us to wake out of sleep...

God bless your ministry

Happy Sabbath



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