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We have entered February of 2011 and the world is breaking from its seams. Protest in Egypt, Earthquakes in the Pacific, budget deficits through out America... The end of the world is at our door steps. All we need is the Sunday Laws and then, it is all over. 

The question of the week is:


When do you think the Sunday Laws will take effect?


I believe the Sunday Laws will come soon, 2015 (Summer). God is giving us 4 years to finish His work. God bless and look forward to your comments.


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I have no comment at this time but just want further explanation why 2015 is thrown on there. I thought sooner than that.

I don't think it's wise to put a date on the end of the world. The Bible discourages that. What I think the most imporatant thing in this issues is, is to prepare for Jesus' return. Pray earnestly for purified characters to be ready to stand on the second coming; and we need to work for the salvation of those around us. There may be no better time than now to minister to others.


With the economy not doing well, and people out of work, I'd venture to guess more people are willing to listen to the gospel and put their hope in Jesus, instead of this unreliable world we live in.

Hello, I was just wondering if maybe the Sunday law will take effect sooner than 2015. There has been a lot of serious talk about this. The pope has contacted the president of the US about this matter and the way things look it's not going to get better.

for sure we cannot set any exact date for the Sunday Laws and the closed of probation for the SDA .-- i can honestly say that, the Sunday laws are in the very sure pipe line .-- we are still going to see the way its came about to be . I do believe that Satan and his falling angels will soon appear on earth to deceive the  the whole inhabitant of the earth .  ----Satan will appear before the Sunday Laws be voted in the USA , in fact Satan is the one to come to in force the Sunday Laws . ---- What i just said is that the USA will not vote the National Sunday Laws before Satan 's appears --- Satan has to be on earth in Human 's form to push the vote in the usa 's Congress and the Senate . --- Wow someone might said that will take a very long time.!!! -- not at all, Satan can appears any day , any month or year from now ..... --- what i am saying , is that , Satan is just about to come any day now .--- You can go to bed and wake up just to hear that , the Mass  Media announced Satan appear somewhere in the World , like India , china , the Middle east . etc... --- One thing for sure , as the soon as Satan 's appears on earth , persecution will fully started for the Seventh Day Adventist --- Because , He , Satan , will create a lots of Calamities on earth like FIRES , HURRICANES , FLOODS, TORNADOES AND EARTHQUAKES ALL OVER THE USA AND THE WORLD. AND SATAN WILL SAY GOD IS  ANGRY WITH THE SDA CHURCH FOR REFUSING TO KEEP SUNDAY HOLY AS THE TRUE SABBATH OF GOD.-- THEREFORE , HE, SATAN WILL SAY THE SUNDAY LAWS MUST BE VOTED AND THE WORLD TO KEEP SUNDAY HOLY , AND THE ANGER OF GOD WILL STOP. --YES, YOU HERD ME WELL, SATAN WILL ANNOUNCE TO WORLD THAT , THE SDA CHURCH IS THE ENEMY OF THE HUMANITY FOR NOT KEEPING THE NEW SATAN 'S EVIL FALSE SABBATH .---- IN CONCLUSION , I WILL TELL YOU THAT PROBATION FOR THE SDA CHURCH IS VERY , VERY CLOSE TO TO CLOSE ANY TIME FROM NOW .--- WHEN YOU WILL SATAN APPEARS ON EARTH IN HUMAN 'S FOR WITH ALL HIS EVIL ANGELS , THEN YOU MAY KNOW THAT PROBATION HAS CLOSED FOR THE SDA CHURCH . --- BECAUSE , THE PERSECUTION WILL BE HERE , LEAVING NO TIME FOR ANY SANCTIFICATION OR PREPARATION. -- IT IS NOT WHEN AN ARMY ALREADY INVADE YOUR COUNTRY THAT YOU ARE GOING TO PREPARE FOR WAR AND DEFEND YOUR COUNTRY .--- AT SATAN 'S APPEARENCE THE WARS ARE ALREADY IN THE DOOR STEPS OF THE  SDA CHURCH.


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