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if any have suffered from abuse of any kind, or currently are suffering from any form of abuse and would like to start a support group please contact me (privately, "nach" :) ) this would include verbal abuse.

perhaps we can have a private forum here with a moderator of our own choosing or off-board, whatever those participating would feel safest with.

it will be a place for those to share the abuse they are currently suffering, or have suffered, but with the intent to have mature (and Christlike for those of us who care about such things) responses to abuse instead of lowering ourselves to the level of the abusers.

a place to become knowledgeable about what is, and also what is not, abuse.

a place to share ones feelings of the abuse being suffered without being preached at, made to feel like a "crybaby", or any other inappropriate responses.

potential abusers and such will be scrupulously monitored/screened, as in not allowed to join, so as to ensure a feeling of safety when sharing private feelings.

guidelines and rules can be decided on as we progress.

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This sounds like a good and much needed thing. Thanks for doing this teresa.
Well ... I do know that Spiritual Abuse has been a big issue in the past and even remains. All need to be aware of what Spiritual Abuse is. We tend to go about doing the same old thing. Not realizing that our words and actions can cause Spiritual Abuse. So an open respectful discussion of it so that all can be aware is a good start.
Thanks, Teresa.

My husband is a victim of spiritual abuse in our church. As such, he does not attend, and his self esteem has been permanently damaged, unless Jesus heals him.

This would be a good place to start. Realizing that such has happened is the first step to any healing. An anonimous web site couldn't hurt. And people could find empathy, and perhaps counsel, and not feel so alone.....
That's true, Teresa. God many times allows negative experiences in our lives just so that we could be of help to someone else. I sometimes question the confidence he has in us/me, because it at times feels like you're drowing :).

And it makes us more tolerant of others mistakes, personal quirks (lol).

But so many times we don't want to talk about our experiences because of fear of negative backlash. A site like this could be of tremendous help. I would hope we could find a pastor with a heart for this type of ministry.
Understood. I am a member of other forums, and the facilitators do change. I was just hoping one of the moderators would be a spirit filled Christian pastor, having an experience from the inside.
The group is a great idea. We have to learn to deal with all kinds of abuse.
Eventually I'll get it right. And basically, we NEED it so much. I wish it could be different, but having had contact with others who have experienced all sorts of spiritual abuse, I know this exists and we need to do something about it.


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