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What is everyones opinion? I have heard things from a world disaster in the making all they way to hoax or another way to jump start the economy to bio-terrorism. I know we had a case of swine flu in the late 70s but that turned out to be not much of anything. And the people who took the vaccinations just pretty much gave themselves the flu and got super sick. I personally am not worried about it. God will take care of his people. But is this one of the signs that his coming is about to take place in a few years? Or is it just something like that hoof disease that everyone freaked out about in Europe and turned out to be nothing big? I would like to use this topic to ease the minds of those who may be worried and to help others see its time to wake up. If you dont start preparing for Jesus's soon return then you might find yourself with no oil and locked out.

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I am not too worried about it because i know it will happend. Not only me but all of us.... So keep our faith to Him and be Health. God bless
Geologists tell us that all of Earth’s tectonic plates are moving. On December 26 , huge geological forces caused tectonic plates under the Indian Ocean to break loose. This caused a random earthquake, and a tsunami followed which brought much destruction. Death can occur from randomness. Does God permit earthquakes to happen? Sure. Does God permit tsunamis to occur? Both of these events are consistent with the laws of physics. The point is that God put some randomness within the movement of Earth’s tectonic plates. This is why it is fair to say that God did not create the tsunami, nor did God destroy 300,000+ people. Unlike Noah’s flood, randomness caused this terrible tragedy.

But, in a strange way there is very good news within this horrible tragedy. Death is something that God does not desire. One day, God will speak the word and He will resurrect the dead and He will give eternal life to those who were faithful and true to all they knew to be right. The Bible teaches that God overrules every tragedy. He does not prevent it (for example, look at the death of Jesus), but He does bring good out of it! Already, good is rising from this horrible tragedy.

Swine flu...? others its time to wake up? ....ease the minds of those who may be worried ?
The catch, Canadian officials say, is that the animals may have caught the flu from a human...HaHaHa!

Hysteria over swine flu is the real danger, some say...(CNN) -- As the number of swine flu cases rises around the world, so is a gradual backlash -- with some saying the threat the virus poses is overblown.
I personally think its over blown but i know many out their are having panic attacks over it. I hope the ones who are worried about it will find comfort somehow.
maybe not panic attacks, but for us with small children in daycares, we are definetly concerned. I agree that it is out of porportion, right now, but whos to say in two weeks where the umber of cases will be. time will tell. In the mean time I will pray for those affected.

Good post Josh
Latest reported cases. still no cause for concern?
Why the swine flu virus is a danger to humans...

The new swine flu virus that broke out in Mexico is unique and potentially dangerous in one way. It is a virus that has a combination of gene segments from human, bird and swine viruses, and can potentially become infectious in humans that have no immunity to the new strain.

That's what I called virus potluck......HeHeHe!
Virus Potluck, EWWWW!!!! are funny Bro. Josh...Virus Potluck?...That's good...It's a very virus I think so...;-)...I hope it's a contaminating or contageous one...;-)
That is my understanding to thtat it is a combination of virus's, that started out in swine, goes out to the general population, and finds it's way back to swine again, to get even stronger and go out again. And you can't believe those ad's put out by the pork industry saying there is nothing wrong with thier product, they are just protecting their money end !


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