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Hostages forced to hold up a black and white flag bearing what appears to be the Islamic creed at windows of cafe, as heavily armed New South Wales police take up position in the centre of Sydney’s CBD

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Scary times even in my own homeland

Thanks Meta


The religion of peace strikes again. 

Is amazing that one lone wolf can hold a whole country to ransom. He has even stopped the Federal Mini Budget to be handed down. Not that it matters there is no good news in there anyway.

As has been happening for thousands of years, again the world suffers at the hands of the conservative, fundamentalist arm of global religions which includes muslim, jews and christians and yes, Adventist too. Wish these conservative fundamentalist can take their war and strife, and love of bombs, guns and ammunition to another planet.

Who allowed them into your country,  the boy scouts?

To be fair Raymond we have the same problems here as you do in US. Although the Prime Minister Tony Abbot won the election on making the borders stronger. What was not mentioned the way they was going to do it. Only later we find that torture and point of a gun has been used. Those who did manage to get trough has been put in detention under disgusting conditions.

The Islam sees Australia with the same eyes as US. Although we have been spared some events like 9/11 

I won't respond to ZJ because he will not have a normal conversation, no nice response to "come let us reason together".

I praise the Lord Jesus that he is neither a liberal or  "conservative, fundamentalist arm of global religions which includes Muslim, Jews and Christians" but rather the perfect Judge.   Conservative and liberal as ZJ sees the world is human understanding but God is the great I AM.   A fundamentalist Jew, Christian or Muslim is just as loved by Jesus as a vegan, hippie flower child commie liberal.  God does not see us in those terms of human ideology.

Leviticus 19:18
"'Do not seek revenge or bear a grudge against anyone among your people, but love your neighbor as yourself. I am the LORD.

Mark 12:31

 Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these.

I hope ZJ finds these scriptures.  

Also what is a fundamentalist.  I guess I am because I believe the Bible as the word of God. Is that not what a fundamentalist is?

"The Islam sees Australia with the same eyes as US. Although we have been spared some events like 9/11"  In human terms if Liberals in both the USA and Australia used common sense they would be careful to only allow people who obey the rule of law into there lands.  These liberals worship ideology rather than use the common sense that God gave them.

No, the Liberal weenies did, in hopes that if they simply assimilate and kow tow enough, that the "religion of peace" would leave them alone.  How wrong they were, as usual.

I tried being polite by using the word "arm". I should have actually have used the word element. Conservative fundamentalism breeds terrorist in any religion be it judaism, islam or christianity.

Calling us Names ZJ is not helpful.

So you actually count yourself among them ? 

Jesus also had a name for them. He called them snakes. See Matthew 12:34.


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