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Hostages forced to hold up a black and white flag bearing what appears to be the Islamic creed at windows of cafe, as heavily armed New South Wales police take up position in the centre of Sydney’s CBD

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Sometimes religion is simply the vehicle that an ungodly heart uses to feel "significant".

Any religion that allows for the use of compulsion, or aggression, has some appeal to the ungodly heart. And of course such a religion becomes a desirable cloak for these people, because it will offer justification for acts of violence.

But as Mrs. White eloquently writes, "Force is the last resort of every false religion. At first it tries attraction..." (7BC p.976)

Terrible watching this here, sad that two innocent people lost their lives in the process.

It came to a gruesome end the terrorist and two hostages has died. As the terrorist was sleeping the Manager of the café tried to take the gun of him but he died in the attempt as well as a bystander. When the police rushed the café one policeman was also wounded as well as some of the hostages.

A makeshift memorial has been set up where a lot of flowers has been placed in memory of the victims.

The media in the USA tried to tell us this was just work place violence.  

What are they telling Australian's?

Hi Raymond

We had full covering by TV from the beginning to the sad end. As soon as they saw the Islamic flag we  knew what it was al about. It did only take a short time before we see the Islamic flag held up in the window by the hostages, under point of a gun by the terrorist. 


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