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t o those that be older than 14 ha!! what memories of the past do u have of someone that made a change in your way of thinking and

who was it in relationship to u ? , a friend? , a pastor? , a evangelist ? If u do not mind can you give a few details please n share what happened? In a the Bible names are given too . so add the name too . thank u for particiapating.!!.

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I can think of three groups outside my family...First, the Adventists around me that got me baptist from a non christian back ground to the one we we call a "perculiar group of people" with their particular lifesyle that is Aventist. Second my first employer at the Adventist Hospital where I first start working and the church members then. wife of course that helps to create an Adventist home atmosphere in my house which I know theory but with no practical knowlege..
I appreciated hearing this steven and Thank God He gave you a devoted wife in which I percieve is a gift from Heaven .. I would not mind hearing more so I keep my eyes open t o see more of your comments in here.MJ
The masterguide group at my mlocal church helped me tremendously when I was young. I learned about church doctrine, about GOD and his love for me, I also learned how to apply daily principles of the club to my lifestyle. I also had a couple who came to give me bible study. Nereo and Maria Giles, they were amazing in guiding me toward God and the truths found in the Bible. Growing up I started listening to sermons from Pastor Alejandro Bullon (he also has Portuguese sermons aside from Spanish). He lives in Brasil and is an excellent preacher. By listening to his sermons and reading his books and related material I grew to seek God especially in times of darkness. He helped me a lot (unknowingly) to get over problems by turning to God for answers.


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