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I attended a crusade last night and the World International Evangelist spoke and made a statement :- this woman had a love child with her elder but her husband does not know, she came to the pastor for advise on what to do. Should she tell her husband? or take it to her grave? She wanted the pastor to tell the husband but he refused and stated that she take it to her grave.

What are your thoughts on this matter.

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Hi Denny

The relationship with the elder started after she was married and while in church, she knows for a fact that the child does not belong to her husband.

I do agree with you, I have heard it said, "If you want my future, you must forget my past" Things in the past i bury and don't raise but what happens when it is done during the marriage.
OOOOkkkk then since being a Christian telling lies is not encouraged then her husband needs to know, the child would need to know as well when he/she is grown, what if a health issue arose? Be sure what happens in secret might come to light. I bet she is worried about the effects on her marriage but she should have thought of that before she opened her legs for another man.
She needs to consider how she would feel if her husband had a child with another woman while still being married to her. Would she want to remain ignorant in that case?
Laurena I suspect its all going to end in tears. Before DNA came on the scene they say women could and did mislead their husbands regarding children or a child. If I was a man and my marriage was rocky and my wife got pregnant be sure a lock of hair is going off to the lab for testing.
If there's someone close to that lady, they should take her aside and inform her the Lord is certainly coming and no unrepented sin will be excused, if she wants to be the bride of Jesus (144,000) then she better repent NOW.

Let her remove the burden from herself tell the husband the truth, and repent of her past deeds. That pastor isn't ordained by God, how could he give an early passport to a child of God?

Someone has to help this lady NOW, before she perishes.

Lord Have Mercy on Us for we are weak.

She can ask God to forgive her for her wrong, try to forgive herself for her moment of weakness and try to move pass that. Knowing that it will cause pain to those involved, i am sure God will understand her not wanting to hurt anyone anymore.

God can forgive her if she truly repents and she can take it to her grave. Do you agree??
Isn't restitution part of forgiveness, consider Zaccheus he offered to repay the people he cheated fourfold, did he need to do that or was that showing true repentance by confessing to the folks he robbed, who may not even know that he robbed them? Consider David, his sin of adultery and murder was exposed by another, he suffered the consequences of his actions. How can true repentance include hiding the sin from the wrong person , her husband and her child? It is a difficult scenerio but is being a follower of Jesus about having an easy life and avoiding difficult situations? How is living a lie helping her walk with Christ? I feel sorry for the child....
You seem to be adding to this situation to make it appear as if she is still having an affair. I don't have all the details but from what i hear it was a one time affair that has since ended.

You comment sounds more like a movie on lifetime TV. The affair has ended for a long time and i guess she is feeling guilty about the whole thing and the fruits that it brought forth.
Laurena as much as emotions are involved the Lord can never excuse sin. Repentance is admitting wrong. David admitted his wrong and wrote Ps. 51 for all to see that he was a wicked man.

This lady if she repents, she has to let go of what she has in her heart.
There was a first hand experience I had whereby this lady was involved in an affair and she took 2 years with that secret singing praises to her partner during this time, but the Lord convicted her of the sin and one night she admitted to the partner of her infidelity although she didn't disclose everything but the partner dug all the information and it came to light a few months later they separated, only to find out the lady was with another man.

What I am driving to is the lady in my example atleast repented, even though she later cheated on the partner yet again and got involved in another relationship but atleast she admitted the first cheating after two solid years!

The lady in your story has to inform the husband at all costs, the husband needs to know, he will be hurt but he will dig information all what he needs, although it will test the man's emotional intelligence.
But she has to tell him, the Lord can't excuse any sin especially that regarding infidelity.

Sometimes I fear marriage and ladies as a whole, how can you sleep with an elder, have a kid with him and keep quiet all this long and then you sleep with your husband too?
Oh my my sinful man like me, being a scientist I love to go outside the box, I am wondering what goes on the marriage bed isn't something close to faking it all this time? I mean how can she climax with all this Mt. Everest guilt in her mind, and yet everyday looks at an Elder's kid and lies to her husband that it is his Ouch Ouch Ladies sometimes have mercy on our hearts

Lord we are too weak, you show mercy and love to thousands and thousands of generations those that love you and keep your commandments, but you punish the iniquities of the fathers upon the children and childrens children to the third and fourth generation those who hate you and not keep your commandments.
So therefore Joseph you are saying that if i have committed sin against anyone that after i have confessed to God and ask his forgiveness i should then confront the person that i have wronged and confess as well.

I see nothing wrong with that, but what about the persons who have stated before that no good would come out of disclosing that, it will only cause more and more pain.

And then there is the issue of the Pastor admonishing her to take it to her grave, and he must be thinking of the fact that no good would come out of it as well.
Maybe the Pastor has his own secrets to take to his grave - so was talking from a position of experience. lol
Spot on, it looks as if the Pastor has secrets of his own! This is tragic...

Laurena, the truth is that after confessing to God, you are supposed to approach the people you wronged. I mean she never told the husband the truth that the kid isn't his and that by itself is a lie. Liars won't be in heaven.

Gabriel: Once a cheater always a cheater is an earthly satanic novel concept but it somehow holds, unless the person returns to Christ and repents.
So if this lady hasn't confessed, I mean she is still cheating emotionally with this elder. Because at the moment she looks at the Elder's kid she will remember.

Either there will be hurt involved she is got to spill the beans all of them. There's no way how she fulfilled the marriage bed and it's requirements yet deep in her mind she remembers the affair with the church elder.
The husband gotta brace himself and face the facts, sometimes we have to be careful when we are marrying because we can get base metal yet we thought it was gold.


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