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I attended a crusade last night and the World International Evangelist spoke and made a statement :- this woman had a love child with her elder but her husband does not know, she came to the pastor for advise on what to do. Should she tell her husband? or take it to her grave? She wanted the pastor to tell the husband but he refused and stated that she take it to her grave.

What are your thoughts on this matter.

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This is taking legs of it's own. Sounds like a made for TV movie. You guys have a big imagination.
When an agreement (marriage vows) is breached, it's difficult to trust that person. From my own experience cheaters have been forgiven and amazingly they have gone a step further and engage in the act again.

Sometimes when you take back a cheater, you are saying look it's okay to cheat on me.
God hates whoredom, so we should hate fornicating too.
just a thought is she sure that the child is not her husbands?


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