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Why is it that SO many take Ellen White literally when she said:

"For years the voice of God has been saying to us, "Agitate, agitate, agitate." {CSW 36.2} ?

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It's you who is funny. Not the Bible or the SOP. Please reread the above post. You have an interesting way of twisting the English language. I will give you that.
Why were we given a "funny bone" if we can't laugh, especially at ourselves? Life is funny at times, and long faces watching for the least smile of happy hillarity, in others or in ourselves, is legalism and fear. There are at least two books at our book stores that I believe are called "Holy Hilarity" or something on that order. They have tickled me pink and uplifted my spirits when they need uplifting. I have them on my bookshelves and read them over and over.

Jokes can be detrimental and blasphemous, but good humor is a gift.
Good Point Sylvia. We were each given a 'funny bone" and we need to use it.
This is not to say I don't recognise the things in lifer that are somewhat humerous and don't laugh and smile much ... But some how your joke didn't set to me as very funny as at a glance your joke is indeed pointed and some one for the obvious intent to laugh at someone caus you were able to rrick the into commenting on a thread you admittedly put in there to make some fun of and laugh at because some are trying to find places in forums and so on to be a part and take part in blessing others an help to keep ideas straight and on a Holy plain ..... I fail to understand hw this is friutful ... Sorry I don't like religous or practical Jokes that are in an loving jesture to others for they don't Glorify th eFather in Heaven to me May He Help us ....... TL ....:(
I agree that there are many who need much help. So may He help us and may We help them. Amen. N Him.
What are you talking about?

2Ti 2:16 But shun profane and vain babblings: for they will increase to more ungodliness.
That's right I need th Lord's help and I have no pleasure in the unholiness of this world ...and it's pleasures ..... I do disdain so called christian jokes especially when they make fun of God's people ... TL ..
That are not in a loving jesture ....
What are we saying here ? Times have changed ? So ... so must we ?
to suit our indiividual desires? Why should we take Her literally ... are we not living in solmn times? is not Jesus coming ? soon? is there no need to prepare for a new kingdom? a nw order ...after the order of Heaven ?

Please help me to understand ?
I give up.
Okay ... Since no one has answered the original question. I will ask it again

WHY is it that so many take Ellen White literally when she said ""For years the voice of God has been saying to us, "Agitate, agitate, agitate."

This is a serious question. The only sense it is a 'joke' is that I intentionally used this quote to launch a discussion ... when I knew that our prophet was not actually intending the use of the words in the way I was using them. God forbid.

It is amusing that taking quotes out of context is a common occurance. People do it willy nilly. But when one does it and admits it ... now that is a sin.

SO please ... lets get onto the original purpose of this thread. Can anyone tell me WHY it is that some even here on this forum. YES. Why do some just want to agitate,agitate, agitate. ???
When people villify others, they have a sense of pride in their own opinions. No one is as RIGHT as they are. And some people just like to argue for the sake of argument.

Good discussion should never attack another person. But I would qualify that in that one should be able to defend themselves, albiet with the same attitude that they would want others to give them.

Discussion is fun, and we may just learn something from other points of view. When it comes down to personalities, we should be able to be ourselves, but with the love Jesus would give us.


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