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can our talents be taken from as if we don't make use of them
according to MATHEW 25:14-30
what did the Master really mean by telling the servant to be thrown into the place where there ll be weeping and gnashing of teeth

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Please refer to recent SS lesson titled stewardship
Spiritual talent when undeveloped is as good as be takan if we don't sing with our best for the Lord, our talent will grow weaker. Another good example is that when we pray less....we may felt that God as a stranger.

"weeping and gnashing of teeth..." ...I think when the book of life is reveal in heaven, we regrets of many oppurtunity given not used....

God may entrust men with money and possessions, but because of this they are
not to lift themselves up. All they have they hold in trust; it is lent them by God that they
may develop a character like His. They are on trial. God wants to see whether they will
prove themselves worthy of the eternal riches. If they use their Lord’s goods to set
themselves above their fellowmen, they prove unworthy of a place in the kingdom of
But if those whom the Lord has made stewards regard their treasures as His gifts
and seek to manifest compassion, sympathy, and love for their fellowmen, they are in
harmony with the character of God, who gave His only-begotten Son to die for their
salvation. If they value the souls of the human race according to the price paid for their
redemption, they will not work out their natural impulses, but will manifest the attributes
of the mind and will of God, and will be channels through which God’s generous, loving
sentiments may flow to humanity. {TM 286}
Yes, you bet. If you don't use it, you lose it. As simple as that. We have to take care of , groom , tend to whatever we have, or else, they deminish until they finally fade away, peter , become redundant - gone!
Thanks Dany, for you have exhausted the topic.

Talents are not taken from us as long as judgment has not taken place - just as the master returned from his journey and to render accounts.

To make myself more clear without being judgemental, lets consider some popular musicians who can sing powerfully and beautifully, yet are composers of worldly music. Have those people lost their voice? Are they using it to the glory of God? For talents are gifts given at birth freely to all, and one may chose to glorify God with them or use them according as he wishes; but it is not so with Spiritual Gifts.

However, Spiritual gifts would be taken or naturally die if not exercised, for they were given for the edification of the church that everyone will come to the full knowledge and exccellency of our Lord Jesus Christ. Hence if they are perverted or not used would be taken and given to another.


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