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God's Word is final....not man's.  I respect a person defending the "brand" and trying to protect what is his/hers, but you need to have accurate information.

Sorry, but this Seventh-day Adventist does not have one an agenda nor am I a spokesperson for them.  I am however aware of what the real issues are and that were addressed.  

I am really disappointed that people assume that because a person does not agree with YOU that it means they are not a Seventh-day Adventist Christian, which is RIDICULOUS.  Fortunately, you nor anyone that disagrees speaks for the Seventh-day Adventist Church OR GOD!!!!!  It may also suprise you that not all of the GC leadership agrees with this stance. Hmmm...I guess that means they aren't Seventh-day Adventist Christians either, right? Wrong!


The agenda WAS politically motivated.  Fortunately, the President was not in a position to "tell anyone" they "had to rescind", but these Men of GOD took it upon themselves to do so to show they are Christians and becasue they did not want any one who is not a Seventh-day Adventist to come to anything we do and feel the way the Pharisees treated the Woman caught in adultery. Many of us Seventh-day Adventists support them and are honored that they are called by God.  We are looking forward to the PELC and the WORD of GOD that will be preached from Pastor Henry Wright.


You need to know Michelle that many, many Seventh-day Adventist Christians don't agree with you or his portion on this.  With that said, I respect your "opinion" but simply do not agree.



You said; I am really disappointed that people assume that because a person does not agree with YOU that it means they are not a Seventh-day Adventist Christian

 But in an earlier post on another thread You branded me a shepherds rod, because you chose to disagree with Bible and SOP that was quoted. Hmmm.

Now you can try and explain away the TD Jakes thing all you want, Scripture however is clear on the matter. I choose to give God the glory on the matter. It matters not what Your opinion is on this subject, when it is clearly contrary to Gods Word.

And concerning the Seventh Day Adventist Church, every member has a voice, but again, if it is not subject to the perfect will of God then it is just bleating to the wind.

Blessings, Scott.

All I can say is thank GOD they cancel that TD Jakes thing, i for one, was not in favor of that, no matter what other people think, to me this was just a double standard act on Oakwood's part to invite this guy over to present. My point is, exactly what he would present at our institute? 


Well there is no need to argue this.


There is however a need to accurately clarify:  Oakwood did not invite anyone and is not a part of the Evangelistic Council.
Praise the Lord!

what is wrong with TD Jakes?


T.D. Jakes spoke about the Sabbath in one of his messages some years ago...and as with most 1st Day Pastors, they actually believe that the Sabbath is not Saturday.  His belief is that we are not to judge anyone on which day they choose to attend church and the we are to worship God everyday, according to scripture.  

Here is the ORIGINAL message (in it's entirety) where you can judge for yourself:   Part 1        Part 2   Part 3


Thanks for this video, there is reassures us that it was indeed a good thing to cancel, this presentation by TD Jakes, at our institute.



WOW!  The video clip is amazing!  I have rarely witnessed such a skillful, well-presented, thoughtful, and gentle display of "theological arrogance" as this one.  I am incredibly proud to have been raised a Seventh-Day Adventist, but this is a new low for me.  There is so much wrong with this, its incredibly disturbing.

I don't know what political back-story surrounds all this, and I have no particular loyalty to the PLEC (actually don't know what that is!), nor TD Jakes.  But there is an implication that only Adventists are good enough to speak to Adventists. Actually its not even an implication.  Apparently it is a "dictate", our Adventist version of a "fatwa", I guess.

I have personally seen that damage that this "theological arrogance" has done.  If we can't accept the presence of a fellow Christian among us, how can we bear to tolerate fellowship with those who don't even accept Christ.  And what kind of witness does that make us?

And if we carry this to an individual perspective, am I truly expected to censor my own personal exposure to anyone who believes differently than I?  Even when they profess and live their belief in the Bible as they understand it, and have an abundant love of Christ?  If so, how do I do this?


However, he insists that we MUST make friends with those in government, and high places, but......  Now what makes a mayor more special than a fellow Christian like TD Jakes?  


I'm all for making a stand, as a Christian, for Christian Principles, Morals, Ethics, and Behavior.  Please help me see where any of this might exist in this video clip?


Is there room for even a little humility in our theology?


I will be honest and say that I had some concerns with the distinctions you referenced, too.  "It is what it is".

Hi Tony, grace and peace.

I think there is a massive difference between "accepting the presence of a fellow Christian among us", and actually inviting them to teach us error. I'm sure you will agree with Scripture.

We are counseled to pray for other leaders from other churches, to seek opportunity to minister unto them (avoiding difficult theologies), but never, never, are we told to listen to their false doctrines.

Blessings, Scott.


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