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I'm sorry, actually being a Christian is personal...Happy Sabbath

I am not condemning or judging her but I don't like her action in earning money.

For those of us who are caregivers to our parents, this is the best way to spend money....Our parents do not have a price tag.

I agree with you here. If I was the one to have the 35K, I won't donate it to her but to many poor people all over the world.

maybe the adventists in brazil can help this family... maybe the pastors in brazil can pay them a visit and discuss ways to collect fund for her mother treatment cost..

I believe you mean well, but please know that the ongoing care bill has to be paid NOW--not wait for 3 committees to decide to send it to another committee to decide to give a $100.

I think you did not listen to carefully to the video either:  The deal with the TV station was in the works but fell through....It was only then when she re-considered her original plan.

We don't know what is actually in her mind and plan. Things could be said differently from her originally plan to shelter it.

So who has gone to to start a petition to the government or started a website for people to send money on her behalf---even setting up an account at a bank?  I'll donate.

Sarah, I will too. By faith we will allow God to show us the best way. A lot of talks but no action...have mercy. What this young lady is doing is not right, but I believe we can help. I have a friend that is 24 years old diagnosed with leukemia and hardly have money to feed her 2 kids. Battered and bruised. Raped 2x and depressed, suicidal, messed up. Sold her body to support her kids. I know God sent her on my path for a reason. Today she is a fighter, just because someone stopped to care. If we look through the eyes of Jesus we will reach out more by faith.I don't think God would lead us in the wrong direction. Who doesn't have $10??? maybe $5. If all contributed with a prayer in our hearts, one day if we all make it by God's grace, this young lady could step to us and say because of your $10 or $5, you changed my life. Have faith and reach out...I did and still doing...blessings

Sarah, we need to pray for her, and there are lot of them in this world. Being in that field, caring for abused children, it is not the first time I am acknowledging this story. In fact I seen several cases on live face to face,I just tell you it is all related to poverty.

Things that I retain:

In this world people still value virginity.

Her mother does not wish she is a prostitute

The whole world has been awakened but hope not to fall asleep again.

From darkness she will rise in light soon.

Those who possess huge amount of money know where to divert their funds to be useful for these vulnerable children.

Awareness is there.

At least she played a role though  others judge her at least they accept they have not done anything to assist her., but was aware about it.

I pray that from the bad u turn she will be able to enter the narrow road and be in the light of our Saviour and under the guidance of the Holy spirit, so many girls are victim today . As if society thirst for sex and glamour will never be quench.

We are not to judge her for sure. 

But still then we are saved by our faith and nothing else.

This is a very sad story!

The system fell this young girl. And because the system fell her, she have to look for other means the take care of her beloved mom, and her eduction.


But let us see the other side of this story. How many man have take part in that auction? Here we can see how sick man is. Sex allwise sale, and will do any thing for sex.


If someone know this young girl send her a Bible.


My God bless you all


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