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Stupid news a Good name for that clip.

Maybe you like to see this

lol the lengths people will go to for a few seconds of fame. Does she not know that angles fallen or otherwise cannot procreate. That right is given exclusively to humans by God.

The utter stupidity that exists, its becoming frustrating lol

Does the say angles cannot procreate or does it just say they don't marry. If it says they can not procreate I would like to know the verse. I was doing a study on angles so if someone knows where it say they can not procreate I would like. I was thinking not doing something does not mean can not do it. 

Did she claim to be an angel Gerald?  Do you really think this is stupidity? I don't think so. I hear and see satan plan and mind coming out in this story.


Yes Gerald much better. Solid biblical foundation not fantasy Ideas like OP. 

It Might be frustrating stupidity to you but it is might be an embracing reality to others Gerald


This is horrible, remove it. I really do not watch these things Lazarus.


Same class as your post Redva You started this. 

This is graphic my OP is not, this is what makes it different- not the same class at all.



Yes OK we can split hairs on this till the cows comes home true. 

Yes, it's stupid but unfortunately Satan will have a son called THE ANTICHRIST, as there are many antichrists but only one Antichrist born of a woman, whose father is Satan. He will have all the powers incarnate for evil. But he will be destroyed.

Do you have chapter and verse to support this?


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