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I came to the forum in order to strengthen my relationship with the Lord through discussion and study. And to discuss important points of controversy within the Seventh-day Adventist church.

I have not  found the study environment I was expecting, this has not been the fault of the Forum. I have to say many of you have been fantastic with your post and replies. Thank you so much.

There is another element here that portrays a mentality that seems to place the scripture on a secondary level to the Bible.

We teach the bible and the bible only but I'm not sure I am seeing that put to practice.

So as not to make further disruption here on the forum I feel I should say so long for now, and God bless all of you. Keep the faith and I hope with my leaving some of the hatred that seems to prevail will also leave.

God is still in charge and God is good.

I will erase all of my post in a couple of days.

blessings and thank you all.


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Hello Keith

I respect your decision.  Most of my family feels that this type of dialogue is unhealthy and most days I agree. Yet, I do think that it is important to inform some Adventist of the truth that his been hidden from them. For years I was subject to half-truths and legalistic agenda's so I do feel empathy for others caught in the same trap. I think you have done a great deal of good in defending the truth, amongst those who seek to perpetuate ideology and self righteousness over Christ and his Gospel.



Thank you for that vote of confidence, I needed that. We live in a dynamic world and attend a dynamic church which has been buried in non-dynamic translations that we are told by the SOP if changed will lead to our destruction. Fear and guilt are the outcome products.

I have enjoyed studying with you. keep the faith and don't let ridiculous terms like " bacon eater" get to you. 

God bless,


Hello Keith

Ian has a penchant for name calling. I guess that is his way of evangelizing (one wonders why anyone would join his brand of Christianity.)  I work in a prison so I have heard much worse. You are one of the few bloggers of the forum who is willing to deal with the truth. Truth is difficult for many who would prefer to believe in agendas and in ideologies. Yet, your truths give the opportunity to find the light. Christ is as the door knocking, they only have to open it and let him in. They may need to remove the door stopper of the GC, but he is waiting patiently as he does for all of us.



You are the biggest  hypocrite I have ever had the misfortune to meet. 

Ian hypocrisy is common to us humans. We are flawed, thank goodness we  are redeemed by our gracious savior.


All I can say is how sad. People like Ian portray an attitude of superiority that probably come from being unfulfilled spiritually or just basically unhappy people. It is unfortunate but can not help it, they are born that way. Alienating others becomes their way of life. As you are aware there isn't much to be done for them unless they call for help themselves.

Leon, no matter what your beliefs, you are still a child of God. I think you are a neat guy.

Thanks for the support you have given this forum.

The only one unhappy here is you Keith because you was found out misrepresenting EGW and making her look as a racist. Not to mention how you have misrepresented her all the way along, as well as being polar opposite to every doctrine the SDA church has. One wonders why you even bother being a adventist? 

So Ian

Keith, honest presentation of the facts is offensive to you. Perhaps holding on to the icon of Ellen White is causing your disgust. Humans should not be placed a position beside God. Our place is humbly beneath him.



 Those Quotes you say is honest that was miss-represented by Keith, Making EGW look like a racist, and see me as telling Keith that he is miss-representing her as hate? Seems like one is not allowed to disagree with anyone. And if you do you are hating him. 

Keith please stay on this forum. You have informative insights and provide food for thought. I have learned from you. I appreciate that you are first and foremost Christ centered.


translations=traditions above. Typo.sorry


 I hope you’re not letting Ian and Jason get to you.  You know how we SDA are, after all  you know we say have the truth (been there, done that).


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