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Are the 144,00 in Revelation literal? I have to wonder because Jesus repeatedly told us the end would be as the days of Noah and Lot. There were eight people in Noah's day and three in Lot's that found deliverance. Do we think things have gotten better today then as the days of Lot and Noah? I think not!! They are way worse today. So I wonder ..... is the 144,000 those who will make it to heaven since the flood of mankind till Jesus returns? It is hard to think that of all the people before the flood only eight found refuge and that more than 144,000 will make it into the kingdom of God when He comes to rescuse His beloved. Will there be more than 144,000 that make it out of this earth to the new earth or is that just wishful thinking on our parts? Please... I would like to know your thoughts (with scripture to back it up) on this matter. As always may the love and peace of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, be with you all!! 

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I would like to really understand this subject, if you could please give me some insight, I would really appreciate it. I would also like to know what the adventist view is on this and what they teach.
Thank you for your reply. I have read this before and took it to mean the 144,000 as a literal number too. What I am wondering is ... is all that will make it only the 144,000. Thank you once again and may God bless you for taking the time out to help me with this issue.
Thank you for your reply. This is very interesting and helpful. I do not have this book but know someone who does and wonder if you can tell me the page numbers for this. I would like to know so we may look it up. Thank you for your help in this matter and may the Lord bless you.
Hi John,

by using this 'explanation' of Uriah Smith you make unfortunately and unknowingly Ellen G. White a liar...

Let me show you why:

Uriah Smith says:

Will there, then, be only 144,000 saved from among the living when the Lord appears? May not this number be so far representative as to include many others? There seems to be quite a plausible supposition that this latter may be the case; that is, that the 144,000 may include only the adult males connected with the great Advent movement while the women and children associated in the same movement would be so many additional ones to be saved from among the living in that day.

Ellen G. White says:

The living saints, 144,000 in number, knew and understood the voice, while the wicked thought it was thunder and an earthquake. {Mar 287.3}

What does this mean for you, IN NUMBER?

For example, when I say:

I have a lot of cats in my house, 14 in number and they all like to drink milk...

How many cats do I have?
I showed YOU, that you're contradicting the SOP...

You said, that you believe the BIBLE and SOP!

So why do you make her words of no effect?

Do you get that point?

Sometimes it's not easy with Ellen G. White and because of this:







John, you and I want to reach heaven, by GOD'S GRACE...

So let's pray, and strive that WE TOGETHER:

'Enter in at the strait gate...'
Math. 7,13
Did you take the discussion personally?

Have I offended you, or why do you react like this now?

Sorry, when I made a mistake that brought you in this kind of mood...

Please forgive...

Do you think I'm playing with heaven and the responsibility given with the call?

Frankly, that comment you made is even more so. You quoted Uriah Smith as an authority, who, while way beyound his time, still was not inaspired. His writings are no more inspired then yours or mine.

Even if the Pacific Press did bind his book in the same binding as the Conflict of the Ages Series.
Even if Ellen White is reported to have comment that an angel guided him (a quote I have never been able to find).
Even if EGW did highly recommend that "Thoughts on Daniel and Revelation" be sold with her books and Bible Readings. (E.g. The Publishing Ministry 356.2, etc.)

This does not eleveate it to an inspired book. For, there are some minor problems in it, as might be expected from any human production.

You reject the clear statments of God's word in areas you do not want to accept, as well as those found in the writtings of Ellen White. Is not that just as "reprehensible?"

Maranatha :)
I think a BIG point in this here, is the LITTLE word, MAY...It MAY include...These ARE speculations, BUT they are given for THOUHGT and STUDY...NOT as conclusive evidence...It is just cool to have some other opinions OF the #144,000...

So much arguing...Such strife..
Wow! Parker!!...I feel SO edified right now!!...Amen..

Thanks for sharing this..I was laughing with my Sabbath School class last week about how the 144,000 # has FINALLY been the # of votes for Mt.Ellis Academy to come in 10th place, and recieve $5000,000 for improvements...144,006...HELLO!!!

Our God IS awesome...

Of course that is not the answer, and I am very grateful for this bit of information I had not previously had...I am SO glad to grow and learn..

Especially about end time things..I FULLY believe that the oil spill was prophetic...BUT, thats just my opinion..(smile)..NOT the point...The POINT is, that it DOES make me lift up my head, for I KNOW redemption draws VERY near!!

Any information you could share about the Spirit of Prophecy, Biblical, or otherwise, about Revelation, I would very much appreciate...I NEED Truth, and all this talk of calendars and such at this late date, stinks of distraction...I NEED TRUTH...

Thanks, John..And thanks, Barbara, for the question..Be careful with who you trust..Make sure you talk it over with the Spirit, for He WILL NOT let you down, or allow you to believe a lie, as long as you desire HIM above all else..God keep you all close to heart!!
Thank you Debbie for your words for that is how I feel, too. And I have been searching with God on this subject and from what He has led me to seems to point to ....( please don't attack me for what I am about to say) is that since the holding back of the winds of strife, there will only be 144,000 , both the dead and the living, that will make it to the kingdom of God. Such a small number, but I fear, the truth. He keeps pointing me back to the days of Noah and Lot, only a handful found salvation in following God's word. I know many want to believe in a much higher number, but history repeats itself and things are worse now than it was in Noah and Lot's day. May God bless you and let us strive to be among the 144,000!!
Thank you John, for this verse is the one that is causing me confusion. It throws me for a loop. It doesn't fit in with what I am finding out about the 144,000....are these those who were martyred and persecuted during the "Dark Ages"? Or are these people those to come? Thank you very much for being kind and patient with me, I know I must sound a little hard headed, but I really want to understand this to the best of my ability. Where God is concerned I can't afford to be slack. Thank you and God bless!!
Thank you John. I see what you are saying, but could the great multitude be those from the time of Adam to the cry of "holding back the four winds of strife" and the 144,000 those sealed after the cry until Jesus return? This is what I am trying to figure out. Because if this is so....I must strive to be one among them, you see? I don't want to be taught that there is more than that just to find out I was wrong and have guided my loved ones wrong in my thinking. And if it is the truth I must let others know so that the strive to be counted among the 144,000.


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