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I recently got employed in vehicle and carpet cleaning firm ,i work for 13 hours seven days a week,i dont get time to rest on a sabbath, i have tried as much as possible to talk with my employer but he has threatened me of being fired,the job i do is what sustains me and keeps me going since i have no profession in any career,i know that the sabbath is Gods chosen day and it is blessed and breaking it, is wrong,please help me?i feel some sense of guilt in me , help me children of God PLEASE.....

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Yes, some people do have ideas that are ideal.  Those are the ones who will choose to do things Gods way, even when they cannot see through to the end that God has for them.  No one can really be a Christian who submits to earthly demands over what God asks us to do.  If they take the name of  Christian and refuse to do what God asks, they are taking the Lord's name in vain.


God is not a practical God.  He is a supernatual God.  He has more ways to care for those who love Him than we can imagine.  Only those who really do not trust God, and as a result are not even a Christian, will encourage anyone to go against what God has said. 

This is the same as what caused Satan to fall from heaven, thinking that his opinions were better then God's instructions. 


Also, remember that the road to hell is paved with good intentions.  It is our actions that show who we really are.  Such counsel as you gave in your post will come up to haunt you in the judgement.  Repent of such foolishness before it is too late.


Maranatha :)

How is God not practical? Do you have proof?


Working on the sabbath comes back to your ethical based system.

Sounds like you and most other people are deontologist (divine command theorists)

If the Bible told you face book was a sin, you would not use facebook and create a myspace group condemmning face book.

If you want to live like that fine.

However, Jesus showed us a different way, TO BE PRACTICAL.

You can be a pharisee if you so please.

However, Jesus someone who cared about the intention, not the action.



This is most intersting.  You have openly condemned those who wrote things that you did not agree with and in the process condemned a whole society.  Yet, most of the comments that were made that you condemned were in regards to your theology, not you personally.  Then you again post comments that are as bad as the ones you condemned.  Most interesting.


Maranatha :)


I did not condemn anyone. Unfortunatly (Sterotype Alert) most Americans are too busy watching Opera and debating gay marriage to be interested in the world.


lol. My theology? Im told I made the devil proud, either the OP does not know how to debate, or that the American education system failed them.

I would say its a mixture of the two.

Unfortunatly (Sterotype Alert) most Americans are too busy watching Opera and debating gay marriage to be interested in the world.


Doesn't Opera involve a classical form of theatre and music? Oh,you meant Oprah.

I usually ignore misspellings,but I do find it ironic that you misspell three words in a single sentence .Also,you may be interested to know that only a small fraction of Americans care to watch Oprah or debate gay marriage.


lol. My theology? Im told I made the devil proud, either the OP does not know how to debate, or that the American education system failed them.


Don't worry,whatever errors perceived in your theology have been overshadowed by your flawed logic.

You can't use flawed logic to refute flawed logic.







My bad. I am a little bit dyslexic ;). Oprah. But that was an epic fail, on my side. However if you want to get fussy, you have two grammar mistakes 'misspellings,but' and 'sentence .Also'


Oh please show me where my theology is flawed and my logic, for that matter.

"you have two grammar mistakes 'misspellings,but' and 'sentence .Also' "

No grammatical errors in this statement.


Im told I made the devil proud, either the OP does not know how to debate, or that the American education system failed them.


The conclusion you came to with this statement is an example of your use of flawed logic.




Brother Samuel, first of all let me tell you that I was in your position before. I worked on some Sabbaths in my old job. But I had the same feeling like you are experiencing at this moment. I knew that I would lose my job if I didn't want to work on the Sabbaths, and I did. I didn't have a job for over two months and I was living here in Germany. Just imagine living in a country where the dollar value is low. I was scared. I had many sleepless nights and wrestled with God in prayers that I would remain steadfast on my belief about the Sabbath observance. Then one day God answered my prayers. Now, I have a job that pays only half I was getting paid before. But I am not working on the Sabbaths at all. God called me at the time I was enjoying my rebellious life. This was the time when He would speak to me while I was working on His Holy Days.This why I am here now on AO. I am back to His arms. Our loving Father and Jesus Christ  our Savior know your need. You too will have a job that doesn't require to break his law. Only if you ask Him in prayers. The only jobs I know that are permitted to work on Sabbaths are in the fields of Theology and Medicine. From this day on, I will pray for you because I know exactly what you going through, brother. Trust God and His Son Jesus.
Give it to God-He always has a better solution than I do. The question is, do you trust Him? Ask God to soften his heart Ask yourself if you're living into the solution or are you still living in the problem...?

 sometimes when you make a stand, all hell comes at you.  God said if you honor me on that day, i will take care of you.  i am not going to say it will be smooth sailing.

for now i would keep seeking God in prayer and pray for your employer. and if you feel led, just tell your employer you can no longer work on saturday and remember he said; if i be for you, who can be against you

DAN,i have decided to give the sword to the LORD ,let HIM fight that war for me,i know that hell will came guns blazing but victory is always for our LORD JESUS forever blessed and thank u...
did you tell God about your situation?


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