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The feast days were given so that all could understand the Plan of Redemption.  Then, it was given in types and symbols- but since Jesus died, we are really living it.  The literal Pentecost happened, and we are now living in the antitypical Day of Atonement.  This is important for us to understand because it is Present Truth, literally.  This is what is fascinating:
There were different requirements of the people for the day of Atonement, but what stands out is that the people had to be perfect before the Lord when the priest went into the Most Holy.  This is what is actually required now.  Jesus is in the Most Holy- God's People must be perfect now.  But how?  This is where the Message of Righteousness by Faith plays its vital role: 
God promised to reconcile us to Him as soon as Adam and Eve sinned.  Gen. 3:15.  He explains how he does it in Jer. 31:33.  By creating in us a New Heart, he replaces the old sinful one.  What must we do?  We must believe that God CAN and WILL do what He promised:
Righteousness= Right Doing      by     Faith= Believing that God will do what He promised.
So every moment, I must allow God to create in me a New Heart by placing His Law there.  The problem is that I don't always allow God to do so.  It is possible to have the Perfect Heart one second, and the next lose it.  It's up to me.  The closer I come to God by relying on HIm, the more I understand why it's so important.  My motive changes.  I no longer do things to gain salvation, but to vindicate God's character.  And this is EXACTLY what this generation is called to do:  VINDICATE GOD'S CHARACTER.  This is the Atonement Day message. 
The more I study it, the more beautiful it becomes.

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The law of God has been covered with dishonor; the character of God has often been clothed in dishonor.

Yes, I do agree Kat, as the people of God we are to vindicate God's character.
I believe that I too share the reality of the first two sentences you've written.

"God, faith, and religion is for weaklings" : we are to show that this charge is not true.
"The law of God is against us, and all that uphold the Sabbath are Judaizers": again this charge is to be shown to be untrue. We are to repair "the breach", and to vindicate the word of God.
"It doesn't matter which day we set aside for fellowship and for family".... etc etc

As "witnesses" we are to give evidence; real, living evidence that all these charges and claims are unfounded.
The Law of God does stand against us unless we have the Robe of His Righteousness covering OUR character. The Father can not even behold our character. It must be covered.

It is HIS life that stands to cover us and protect us from the Law which condemns us. We must be dead to the law. We are made LIFE ... N HIM. We are saved by what HE did 2,000 years ago to answer the curse of the Law.

Don't know if this is what you mean ... but thought I would add my two cents into the fray !!!

Good thoughts folks. Keep them coming.

I think Teresa, you are absolutely right.
Eccl 12:14, Matt 12:36, Isaiah 1:16-19
I do think God expects us to do better...


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