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I know that the Bible is the spoken Word of God and that we read and accept by faith that God inspired men to write it. I was speaking to a friend of mine and in the conversation she said that she has a deep connection and relationship with God and that although she reads the bible she does not believe all the Crap (her exact words) in it. Also she said she is not a Bible Christian and that it is a story book and she does not live her life by everything written in there and she has her relationship with God and that is what is important. (She is an SDA) Now its the first time I am hearing this can this even be possible.

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NOPE.  Totally impossible.  ALL scripture is given by inspiration of God....

I believe her way of thinking is used as an excuse to do what she wants and not what God wants.  Also, how can you have a "DEEP" relationship with God and not believe His Word??  God's Word is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our paths.  So it leaves me to wonder, where does her mode of thinking come from?


I too just cannot understand it I have conversed with her on this from all angles and she still cannot see the point. I asked the question here to see if anyone else believes like her. She seem to believe deeply in what she believes and I have always know her to have great faith. I do not know if she believes this all the time or if that belief developed because she no longer lives in Trinidad she is just here for a few days. To me it seems like she is almost atheist but believe in a god.


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