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to set up the new world order of intolerance, information gathering and eventual persecution of God's people. Hatred and division are being sown as the bedrock of this movement that we see unfolding right before our eyes. The SDA's who voted this authoritarian character will soon realize that they have helped speed up the progress of the final assault on them. congrats you've been deceived. 

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My mistake.

Unless you missed the last 8 years, this has been going on for sometime.  And pushing the liberal agenda to the extreme backlash.  And here it is.

I became Seventh-day Adventist in 2002 at age 19.  I struggled after massive set up by my mom into sins.  Which took me years to completely overcome.  It was one immoral mess now I'm victor with Christ and that is how it should always be- Victory in Jesus Christ.

If it was up to me we wouldn't have had a T.V. nor would we be addicted to sins.

oxytocin has a powerful effect.

but I might not have done better than my first parents Adam and Eve.

Not Adam and Steve.

Not Eve and Leave

I am the only one in my family who is an Adventist.  Like some in my church we have family that is lost and for us that is not the ready part of it.

My wife is not far from the Kingdom.  She has a super strong will and always needs to be surrendered to the stronger will-Jesus Christ.  and my Mother-in-law is coming to Christ now and so is my Father who adopted me and he is a super faithful guy after he had some huge struggles in 1990.  But now he is accepting the Seventh-day Sabbath and is obeying Christian programming in T.V.  He says it is mostly no good on Television... he told me that himself.  LOL  my dad waking up now.

God is being used to prolong my mom's life.  She still has God convicting her to get back to Seventh-day Adventist Church by a verse in Hebrews.

We are running out of time and I think the wise mind knows this...  Blessings to all who obey Jesus.


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