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to set up the new world order of intolerance, information gathering and eventual persecution of God's people. Hatred and division are being sown as the bedrock of this movement that we see unfolding right before our eyes. The SDA's who voted this authoritarian character will soon realize that they have helped speed up the progress of the final assault on them. congrats you've been deceived. 

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You'll be glad to know I didn't vote haven't voted since 2000.  

I didn't either.  I can't stand either.  However, the liberals created the backlash that made it possible for Trump to come to power.  In essence their bad behavior created their own monster.

Before I was Adventist.

Andrew, I thought you always were an Adventist.  Interesting to know.  You should share your testimony.

I don't think I voted then either I was too young to vote. 


Please don't take a broad brush and paint us all naive with a comment like that.  The building blocks were always being put into place.  Have you not noticed Christians being forced to do things against their moral values through executive orders here and other laws throughout the world until now?  

I personally don't understand why some people willingly went along with or turned a blind eye to those things but conveniently think it's prudent to start clanging the alarm bells against PEOTOS Donald J. Trump.  Is it because he won over a demagogue who expected to win by twisting her opponents words to mean more than they were?  Because she originally supported and then flip flopped multiple times on some of those executive orders just to get votes? Or possibly because she used her government notoriety for personal enrichment, garnering cash from regimes that persecute Christians, Jews and other non-believers?  

If people think SDAs and Christians in general are going to start turning blind eyes just because they voted Trump while the accusers turn a blind eye to his main opponent "accomplishments" it's quite possible those accusers are the ones being deceived...

I understand many people are upset and concerned over a Trump presidency. However it seems every four years we as Adventists cry NWO. Politics is complicated. And the prophesized end time events will happen at it's own time. The building blocks are being put in place over the last few decades. Will Trump ring in Sunday laws? Maybe he will, maybe he wont. Maybe Hillary would have, maybe she wouldn't have. Personally I feel the leader who introduces such laws will be approved by both the right and the left. And Trump couldn't be more divisive. For this reason I don't think it will be him. I'm sure he will have a role to play, as all leaders do.

Four years ago, many on this very site posted their fears that should Obama win his 2nd term some great calamities would hit the US. I questioned those claims as politically induced fears. And now I'm doing the same, but for Trump.

Again the End times will come when they do. We must always be prepared. But just because we strongly dislike the new president elect does not mean that we must live in fear or live in a bunker.

If you must know I didn't vote for either candidate. Neither convinced me as being what the country needed. But I do believe Democracy happened on Nov 8. And I do believe in Democracy, even if i don't agree with it's results. I don't know what will happen in the next 4 years, but I know God is still in control. I know that by the end of this paragraph you will probably be as concerned as you were when you posted the original message. But take some time, and trust in Jesus. He is with us in good times and in bad.

God bless and Happy Sabbath.

Very true - any political party could bring in the national Sunday law / NWO; so long as they are willing agencies for the Papacy and their plans.

Many of us over here in the UK are having conversations with similar tones in regards to our decision to leave the EU. But though it is such a time of uncertainty and worry, I echo your sentiments; as watchmen, though we keep a lookout for the signs of the times, our main focus is, (and of course always should be) on Jesus.

To one and all - Keep the faith! :-)

God bless

Today is Sabbath....

Voting for Hillary Clinton is not voting on the side of Christ...

Jesus said He came to bring division but you said that division is to be abhorred at all times. Who should we listen to?

Happy Sabbath

Peoples words and past actions can be really confusing at times...

I didn't vote.  They are both wicked people.

Dear Kat, your reply to me mentioned a few things so I'll address them individually.

#1.The implications of your vote can impact your present and future circumstances, don't take it lightly.

I do not take it lightly. Hence why I didn't vote. Voting can have a very huge impact, for better or worse. I cannot give my vote to someone if I feel their leadership would be questionable at best.

#2. Hatred, intolerance and division must be abhorred at all times.

I agree. Unfortunately I don't feel Hillary was any less intolerant. Her "Basket of Deplorables" comment shows that. The idea that she believes that anyone who disagrees with her politically is racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, or Islamaphobic shows both intolerance and divisiveness. Then there was the whole Pepe the frog thing. Trump is very crass and rude, Hillary is more calm and collected, but they seem equally as intolerant to me.

#3. I will end by saying above all else let us be certain that we vote on the side of Christ, let us serve him for he is coming soon.

Once again I agree with you. However the reason I didn't vote is because I felt neither of them was on the side of Christ. I understand many on this site may feel that one candidate was holier over the other, but I felt both were about the same.

#4. we do know however that we must face a time of trouble but God will see us through.

Yes we do know the end times are coming. And they will arrive regardless of who is in office. We must always be ready and trust in God to guide us through those difficult times.


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