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Can it be possible to have our next General Conference in Las Vegas,  

the city of Sin, or  rather, should we have  our  General Conference here in Los Angeles California ?

Your thoughts on the matter, is important  to  our west coast adventist people.

sir james

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2015 is in San Antonio.  After that it should be in Las Vegas, if the delegates get bored they can hit the tables.

Then Vegas should be out of the question.

Some families are going to be traveling from thousands of miles away, and I find little reason to doubt the average christian family would find much if anything in Las Vegas they would enjoy outside of attending the events.  I'm pretty sure there are plenty of people who need ministering in Las Vegas; but, I think it would be best for a event specifically setup for missionary work.    I don't think the General Conference is designed for that, from my past experiences It's more of a family event and I'm just not certain Las Vegas is the type of atmosphere that would go well with the way it's designed.  I personally would only take my family if warnings were provided for foreign/traveling families and if the agenda was clearly stated with boundaries drawn.

Example Boundary:

WARNING! You are about to leave the General conference zone into sin city.  If you want to leave you are strongly encouraged to sign up and go out with others to tour or do missionary work.  Otherwise, prepare to have your faith severly tested if you choose to leave alone after sunset (the freaks come out at night).

Might sound extreme.  But I think it would be needed, I'm just not sure the average Christian/SDA from some countries would be ready for what they'd experience in Las Vegas outside of the organized conference events, especially once it starts to get dark.

Yes, it would be extreme if you wanted to evangelize the populous.  If we are there for pure mental hygiene, I guess it wouldn't matter that much.  It would be the equivalent of putting up a sign regarding the local populous, "They locals are all of the devil, be wary of them.  Evangelism Seminar at 7:00"

Yeah, sad part is even they promote the title "sin city" as a tourist attraction.  During the day Las Vegas can be almost like any other city, sadly at night the scene changes in the often visited parts.  And like I said earlier I definitely wouldn't recommend it for families which is how I tend to view the General conference.  Would you take your kids there?  I'm not sure if you've ever been but the stuff isn't always subtle like the victoria secret ads you see driving down the road.  And I know most parents wouldn't even want their children looking at that stuff.  

I have never had an urge to go to Las Vegas.  It seems to be a place of a great deal of sin, especially the legalized prostitution.  However, those folks who live there because they don't have much of a choice.  It is where the work is.  Prostitution and gambling aside.  However, if we think about it, who did Jesus reach out to?

From a ministry point I feel you.  That's what I mentioned earlier "I think it would be best for a event specifically setup for missionary work."  But for an event like the General Conference where you have kid's from pathfinders and families from all over the globe coming in to visit. I just don't think it's the place for it to be, not without a warning/notice for them ahead of time.  But, maybe I'm confused about what the actual general conference is for or what Sir James was asking.  

This is what I pulled from the website for the event.  And from my previous experiences it's purpose isn't that.  You should always be willing to witness when you have the opportunity and the spirit leads you.  But I don't believe in forcing people especially youth to witness in situations like that.   I wouldn't send my kid I'm not gonna recommend putting it where someone elses kids have to go especially if that's not the events purpose.

What is Session?

The General Conference Session is the forum for electing world church officers and voting changes to the church's Constitution. Delegates also hear reports from each of the 13 administrative regions of the church. Voting delegates for Session represent world regions both by church population and the self-sustainability of administrative regions. The Constitution states that at least 50 percent of delegates shall be laypersons, pastors, teachers, and nonadministrative employees, of both genders and representing a range of age groups and nationalities. Church members also have the opportunity to reconnect with friends from around the world.


nah nope not las vegas

too much temptations there


i think we should have the next session in a place of no sin

drastic measures would have to be taken to get there!

# this world is not our home


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