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Hi Folks,

In case you did not know, Brother Leo Schreven passed away on Sabbath December 1st please remember the family in your prayers.

Many Thanks

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Hi Folks,

I posted this in the video section "Meet Leo Schreven"

Many thanks

what did he die of

he is very young to die

he is was 51

the family wont say

and i can understand why

there is an aweful rumour thAT HE KILLED HIMSELF witha gun

 and that is even more upsetting

since suicide is not the unpardonable sin

i have great hope that we will meet him in the air

i hope he didnt commit suicide

 God alone understands the matter

we dont

my gay christian buddy loved his presentations on 3ABN years ago!


loved his testimony too and was I just sharing that over thanksgiving with some friends!!!

AO Suicide Thread- I shared Gods Grace in parts and others did too

Praise GOD

Only God knows the truth about what happend in this pitiful man's heart and mind.  It's a good example of how we have to leave the judgment to God and simply love people as Jesus did.  What happened with Leo should also serve to show us all how important it is to keep a close relationship with Jesus Christ, because every one of us, apart from God, is capable of doing the most shocking, evil things. 

Yes indeed, Jack... he must have suffered major depression, and lost all hope. A terrible, terrible situation, especially for a man whose work was so public.

I think we all accept that there is no "once saved always saved"... Any of us, having "tasted of the heavenly gift... and [tasted of] the powers of the world to come"  can fall away and lose salvation. But is it not true that our previous experience with God counts for nothing in the day that we fall away and yield to despair?

Eze 3:20 "Again, When a righteous man doth turn from his righteousness, and commit iniquity...he shall die in his sin, and his righteousness which he hath done shall not be remembered..."

Very tragic, Very emotive.

Hi Stewart

How can you or I tell if someone is saved?  Only the Lord looks on the heart.

It is noted that the passage states, "I never knew you".

Again, from Ezk. 3:20 it states, "his righteousness".

Point:  If one is the Lord's, he is the Lord's, but we can't know at this stage who is and who is not.  EGW will say that the Lord God does the "keeping" also.

Notwithstanding that only God knows, the ones we see doing so in the Bible are never spoken highly of thereafter (Judas, Saul).  What does EGW say regarding, and what do we want to teach regarding the subject?

Consider also that it is possible that the act of taking one's life is an absolute rejection of the Spirit of the Lord, and a show of anger.  

[Why on Sabbath, one may ask?]

I though, find it hard to believe as I knew him as always smiling.

Take Care 


Your comments are so sad and disrespectful. We are humans not GOD. We all have hard times and we can only take so much. Try to stand in somebody else's shoes before you can judge that person.

This is on Bildad J Gallagher post!

No I would never blame God for anything, we all make our choices , good or bad. But we cant go around and make bad comments about Leo, for we dont know what happen and what  was going in his life. That is all.

Hi Nina

We had a bit of a history, and to me the man was somewhat amazing.

Without getting too emotional, but with just enough emotion, we should still fairly be able to state the truth of what the Bible has to say on the topic of suicide etc.

I would not be able though to rule out an exception to the rule as God determines, but anyone young or old seeing the discussion herein should be given the caution, that it is not the heaven ordained way out to kill yourself.  

Praying to God and being willing to obey his every command for one's life is.

God promised to make a way to escape all difficult trials, and to come of more than


This is the truth we are to live by.  "In everything give thanks......."

Take care


how quick we are to judge....we all seem to have an opinion whether Leo will be forgiven for taking his own life......perhaps it might behove us better if we take the plank out of our own eye before we talk about the splinter in someone else's eye

Hello Spence

I do agree with you! We can not take our own life or somebody else, and I dont know what went wrong with Leo. I liked him and his preaching and what happened last week still wont change my mind about him. I still think he was amazing person. The only thing that made me mad was a comment from a gent. making fun of him and God. Yes, many people will think what just happened , he was preaching about love, God etc, and then he goes and did what he did, and there will be lot of confusion, but I think people that want to be with God and serve him will still be grateful to Leo and move on without blaming him.

    God bless!   

There's no need to blame God.

But it is best not to try to play God and apply text that may be irrelevant to the situation.

When the demoniacs shouted at Jesus of Nazareth to go away, He nevertheless heard their heart cry, which was for deliverance.

In the same way, God knows the hearts of those who may be seriously mentally ill and thus not responsible for their actions.

The same sort of thing would apply to people with Alzheimer's disease who return to their former style of language -- the kind they used before conversion. A kindly old Christian grandmother can turn into a swearing trooper. Can we not trust the Lord to judge Grandma for her commitment ot Him with her full mind before some of it became lost to her due to disease?

Again, I think the same sort of situation applies to someone with a mind deranged by mental illness, such as bi-polar disease.


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