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..or those who question why God doesn't save everyone.

The wrong premise that comes with Universalism, is that the wicked will die is not true because it would then be a limitation in God, it holds that if all are not saved, it limits God and His ability to heal all sin. It really is failure on their part to realize that God cannot create character. God can create sinless beings, but the character must be developed by the freewill choices of the person. While God does possess the power to overwrite the individuality of a person and instill His perfection without their consent, to do so would destroy that person and create a basically a robot, where that person used to be. This action would violate God’s own character of love, which never compels, never coerces, and never forces. Love only exists in an atmosphere of freedom. So the Universalist idea, that God’s love will one day be so compelling that all will be overwhelmed and become godly, actually presents a God who is not love, but rather a dictator who forces everyone to be like Him. Genuine love, as painful as it is, allows the rejection of love.

The next idea that is problem in Universalism, is that forgiveness solves the sin problem. If sin is the breaking of rules and requires punishment, but Jesus paid the punishment, then wouldn’t God forgive everyone? And if God forgives everyone, won’t all be saved?

The argument is that there is no limit to God’s forgiveness; therefore, all are forgiven and so all will be saved. While it is true that God’s forgiveness is limitless and that He forgives everyone, forgiveness does not equal salvation.  For Universalists, if a person is pardoned, he or she is freed from the punishment of the law and since God forgives everyone, then everyone must be saved. But the reality we find is that while you can forgive a person for overdosing on drugs, the forgiveness doesn’t prevent the damage done and the user still dies.

Jesus forgave those who crucified Him, but the evidence shows that many were not changed by that forgiveness. They remained selfish, and full of iniquity and within their hearts still hated truth and love. Thus, if God would take them to heaven anyway, it would be a place of torture to them, as they by their choices, have rejected love and truth and developed selfish characters that will not find God’s unveiled infinite love and truth enjoyable, they rather flee from God, begging to have the mountains crush them to hide them from Him.

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Thanks for your reply Gene, I beg to differ as we need to reconcile the whole Bible. You need to understand that the main theme of the Bible is the reconciliation of the Human race to Christ and God the Father. You see sin has made this earth uninhabitable and therefore needs to be recreated. 


The answer is quite simple. God did not create the world to be corrupted by sin but sin did enter. One should not confuse what God's intention was in creation with the resultant effects of sin. God did not intend that mankind should eat meat but, due to the entrance of sin in the world, that is what happened. Likewise God did not create man with the intention that he should die but with the entrance of sin that is what happened.

So... God did not create the earth with the intention that it should be wiped clean by the flood but that is what happened. God did not create the earth with the intention that it should lie desolate for 1,000 years but due to the intrusion and effects of sin, that is what will happen - as the Bible says.

And yet there are those who will hold on to sin and iniquity and despite all God does for us, they will be lost.

True Ricard as far as I understand there are two reasons for that, one being they are ignorant of what the results of a sinful life will entail, or they are not caring for how God will reward a sinful life. 

Many Christian in those secular chruches believe that the atoming had finsh at the cross. That is why sow many confussing in the Christian world today. That thy think that they can keep on sin and still go to heaven.

But the work of atoming started at the cross and go in the heavenly santcuary in the Most Holy Places. If the Kristian world accept this message we will have a better world and ready to be translatted to haven. 

The Plan of Redempation!

We need to study the Plan Of Redemption. If one study the plan of redemption you cannot stay the same.

If the Christian world of today study the plan of redemption, and go into the sanctuary thy will see another phase and the truth of the gospel. And they will be confronted with the 10 Commandment especially the 4 one which is the Sabbath of the Lord. 

Yes, a sad state of affairs Benecio. As we know the doctrine of the investigative judgment is peculiar to the SDA church no one else understands it and are making it a point of scorn. It is not an easy doctrine to understand I admit but we owe to ourself and God to get to understand it. The other issue is that it will only work with the Historicist view. Many churches have given up the Historicist view sadly.  

The true understanding of the sanctuary service recognises an end to sin and the restoration of the earth.

Cheap grace says that Christ's only purpose is to forgive, and thereby perpetuate, sin.

This is the problem with universalism, if everyone is forgiven in the end then there is no need to forego the so-called pleasures of this world. So abuse of the mind, body and soul can be rampant because, in the end, nobody will be lost and all the damage done will be repaired. So there is no need to keep the commandments of God - or of men, for that matter - because we are all going to heaven no matter how bad we are.

Very on point..


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