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This is a shocking revelation to me, and not sure if it is true, so I want my brothers to study EGW carefully on this topic....

Paster Jerimiah Davies has presented a most profound sermon you all need to hear 

He says 90% of the SDA people will be shaken out to make way for the rest of the world who love our message to come in...

He says for the first time, in the USA, the Gay Marriage has been passed which Obama says will strengthen the families...

He even mentions such anti-Christ marriage concepts are in the SDA remnant church

He mentions this is a twin institution one is already passed, and now we have a few months to a few short years for the second twin to be passed into our great nation. 

Soon the Sunday law second siege will come, and He says that the foolish SDA virgins will awake from sleep and want the Holy Spirit then to refresh them as the wise SDA virgins...but sadly the wise will tell them to go to Jesus and get some oil for yourself, because our character is not transferrable from us to you. He says it will be too late for SDA foolish virgins to find this saving oil when Sunday comes, but not too late for those outside the church who will flood into our church at the end of time.

Is Paster Davies message correct ? As SDA virgins are some of us making perilous decisions in trampling upon the mercies of Jesus and refusing to come into His great love every day ? Should we not come to Jesus now in all of His love and obey all of His teachings in the torah, and be found with power and truth in everything we do ? O I pray we are not found wanting but found with faith in Him our Saviour and our Redeemer....the second siege of Sunday law is soon to come....are we abiding In Him now ? It will be too late to flee into Jesus when Sunday law comes, lest while escaping we turn as did Lot's wife and look back to the love of the world.

When the angels urged those in the cities to leave, how many righteous were found ? None...but four did heed the warning to leave, "Don't look back" or lest ye be consumed warned the angel"... Even at the loud cry of destruction still even those fleeing, one looked but, but the ones saved were not any better believers than the one who looked back, only that they obeyed and fled as they were told.

Our end of time prophet says to get out of cities, the Bible says to flee the cities when the first siege of Sunday law comes...and this did come in 1888 in the USA, so my friends, God calls those who obey...not those are already perfect in His grace, just those willing to be obey His instructions, lest ye be consumed in the coming destruction....

Is Pastor Davies correct ? How much time does the foolish SA virgins have when the midnight cry comes ? And what does EGW say about this ? And why be so complacent until then ? Isn't it better to be living in His paradise today ? So put off your jewellery , your worldly music and your fashion clothing , your rich foods and seek Him as our pioneers did, in the old truth that does not change.....


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No pastor Davies is not ordained to predict the future. He is speculating with his finite mind, rather than trusting in Christ. IT is not his place to judge others. He needs to work out his own salvation with fear anne trembling.

Just as long as God has a church, he will have those who will cry aloud and spare not, who will be his instruments to reprove selfishness and sins, and will not shun to declare the whole counsel of God, whether men will hear or forbear. I saw that individuals would rise up against the plain testimonies. It does not suit their natural feelings. They would choose to have smooth things spoken unto them, and have peace cried in their ears. I view the church in a more dangerous condition than they ever have been. Experimental religion is known but by a few. The shaking must soon take place to purify the church. 2SG 284.1

Preachers should have no scruples to preach the truth as it is found in God’s word. Let the truth cut. I have been shown that why ministers have not more success is, they are 2SG 284.2

afraid of hurting feelings, fearful of not being courteous, and they lower the standard of truth, and conceal if possible the peculiarity of our faith. I saw that God could not make such successful. The truth must be made pointed, and the necessity of a decision urged. And as false shepherds are crying, Peace, and are preaching smooth things, the servants of God must cry aloud, and spare not, and leave the result with God. 2SG 284.2

I take it you did not watch the video,  You see president  Obama is mentioned so you attack pastor Davies. 


Not an attack, just simple truth. Focusing on the sins of others hinders our own growth. Pastor Davies personal testimonial would be more effective in winning souls to Christ.

If the members of our churches disregard the light on this subject, they will reap the sure result in both spiritual and physical degeneracy. And the influence of these older church members will leaven those newly come to the faith. The Lord does not now work to bring many souls into the truth, because of the church members who have never been converted and those who were once converted but who have backslidden. What influence would these unconsecrated members have on new converts? Would they not make of no effect the God-given message which His people are to bear? 6T 370.3

Sounds more like conviction for my own sin rather than focus on others but you can judge for yourself. 


are we to understand by your post that you are pro Gay marriage?

No Ian 

I am not an advocate for Gay marriage. But I them and pray.for their struggles.


The Sunday Law elements are being put into the brew pot.  1. Anger the country and Conservatives with every thing you can jam down their throat:  Obamacare, Gay Marriage, Abuse of IRS power as a political weapon, and the EPA to crush small farmers.  Next create amnesty for millions and millions and millions of Catholics and get them to vote.  But, by the time that happens the Conservatives will be back in power and very angry about the shenanigans that most Adventists celebrate, because somehow liberal means stemming the tide.  In fact, over the last six years, it has been not stemming the tide, put paving the way.

So, when you find a backlash of conservatism as you did in the last midterm, that is a perfect storm for an ultra conservative president and a huge backlash to getting out country back to it's "godly" roots.  The end isn't going to come with a whimper, but with the deafening applause.

A well-known writer speaks thus of the attitude of the papal hierarchy as regards freedom of conscience, and of the perils which especially threaten the United States from the success of her policy:

"There are many who are disposed to attribute any fear of Roman Catholicism in the United States to bigotry or childishness. Such see nothing in the character and attitude of Romanism that is hostile to our free institutions, or find nothing portentous in its growth. Let us, then, first compare some of the fundamental principles of our government with those of the Catholic Church.

"The Constitution of the United States guarantees liberty of conscience. Nothing is dearer or more fundamental. Pope Pius IX, in his Encyclical Letter of August 15, 1854, said: `The absurd and erroneous doctrines or ravings in defense of liberty of conscience are a most pestilential error--a pest, of all others, most to be dreaded in a state.' The same pope, in his Encyclical Letter of December 8, 1864, anathematized `those who assert the liberty of conscience and of religious


worship,' also 'all such as maintain that the church may not employ force.'

"The pacific tone of Rome in the United States does not imply a change of heart. She is tolerant where she is helpless. Says Bishop O'Connor: 'Religious liberty is merely endured until the opposite can be carried into effect without peril to the Catholic world.'. . . The archbishop of St. Louis once said: 'Heresy and unbelief are crimes; and in Christian countries, as in Italy and Spain, for instance, where all the people are Catholics, and where the Catholic religion is an essential part of the law of the land, they are punished as other crimes.'. . . GC Chapter 35

I was very skeptical of Sunday law until I saw that the constitution is now null and void.   

"Conservatives will be back in power and very angry about the shenanigans that most Adventists celebrate, because somehow liberal means stemming the tide.  In fact, over the last six years, it has been not stemming the tide, put paving the way."   


When I read EGW messages I get the impression that time is given for the foolish SDA virgins who are asleep when Sunday laws comes....they are called professed Christian's , they are called tares...

{AG 222.1}       The Lord Jesus is making experiments on human hearts

We all need to be doing experiments with Jesus power and learning to trust that power more and more.

.{HP 317.4}   The entire church, acting as one, blending in perfect union, is to be a living, active, missionary agency. 

I can't remember the last time in over 25 years that the elder had a meeting with us all wanting us all to band together, and pledge doing things in one rock music, no eating bacon, no fancy clothes, no eating meat, street witnessing organized, home visitations organized for the whole group every day each week, etc, etc,,,, no wonder as an assembly we are weak and powerless because we do not unite....

The plagues of God are already falling upon the earth, sweeping away the most costly structures as if by a breath of fire from heaven. Will not these judgments bring professing Christians to their senses? God permits them to come that the world may take heed, that sinners may be afraid and tremble before Him.--3MR 311 (1902).  {LDE 28.1} 

This SOP states that the plagues become a process for warning for professed SDA Christians to come to Jesus more fully....

I think the beginning of Sunday Law is too strict a message for those asleep...for we carry the tares up until the harvest...the close of probation....

The Lord has shown me clearly that the image of the beast will be formed before probation closes, for it is to be the great test [SEE THE PREVIOUS CHAPTER, WHERE THE GREAT TEST FOR THE PEOPLE OF GOD IS SHOWN TO BE SUNDAY-LAW ENFORCEMENT.] for the people of God, by which   their eternal destiny will be decided.--2SM 81 (1890).  {LDE 227.3}

Sunday law is a process building stronger and stronger in law enforcement, it is not a single event happening on a single day....I feel out of love and mercy GOD even allows some time for the sleeping to awake and seek GOD before the process engulfs much time one cannot tell, but I often worry why not seek Jesus now while He may be found today more easily ?


Thanks Brother Rob

You are right we do not make enough effort to witness for Christ true.

I found your comment on the forming of the Image to the beast most interesting. As we have just seen the carismatic movement has under the leadership of Bishop Tony Palmer, has indeed reached across the gulf, 

Many smiled and would not believe when we told them, twenty and thirty years ago, that the Sunday would be urged upon all the world, and a law be made to compel its observance, and force conscience. We see it being fulfilled. All that God has said of the future will surely come to pass; not one thing will fail of all that he has spoken. Protestantism is now reaching hands across the gulf to clasp hands with papacy, and a confederacy is being formed to trample out of sight the Sabbath of the fourth commandment; and the man of sin, who, at the instigation of Satan, instituted the spurious sabbath, this child of papacy, will be exalted to take the place of God.{SpTA01b 38.2}

In the USA the same sex marriage is now law, and soon the Sunday anti Christ Sabbath will come...

Nice post Elijah, yes the signs are coming soon, but more importantly we NEED to stand up and begin the gospel telling of the story to the world now....we are to make a loud cry....


Be careful with predictions. As a 30 year plus Adventist I have heard them over and over. As Christ stated "t is not for you to know the times or dates the Father has set by his own authority." As you stated in an earlier post, just make sure your house is in order, and God will take care of the rest.



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