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Now before anyone gets upset, I did not post this for controversy. I came across this in other research and I watched the whole thing. I am looking for answers, for truth. I really enjoy the books I have read by Ellen, however I do not hold her above the bible or follow every word, I feel some statements from her are just her own opinion’s. This video is about 2 SDA’S born and raised. They left the church when they discovered some lies and cover ups from the church on Ellen White. They do bring up some good points and maybe someone can explain them to me. The test of a real prophet does she pass? Some of the things they mentioned do sound cultish, unfortunately.  If you want to comment on this thread please watch the video or at least the first part, so we can discuss their accusations in a rational intelligent manner, thanks.




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So then shall we disregard EGW writings becoz of the error that this couple is exposing? No. I do not agree. Lets enjoy to read EGW books they are informative and assist in understanding the Bible. I do not know about the personality of EGW but from what she writes she was not a fanatic or a hypocrite but someone who was a pilgrimmage moving towards perfection by being saved by the blood of the Lamb. She always sought the Holy Spirit to guide her in her christian experience and acknowledged that she was a sinner needing the grace of God consistently and constantly. But I will never in my life time equate her writings with the bible.

Please let us be careful of such people like Wallace Slattery. Yes its ok to expose EGW wicknesses but we must make sure we are doing it to benefit the church as a pointer to Jesus Christ alone. But I think this guy was not doing this to try assist people, he was seeking publicity. Where is he now. I would not have known about him if it were not for the internet.

You ask the question if she passes the test of a real prophet?  Are you SDA or not?  If you claim to be then that question clearly shows that you are not and I"m suspicious of you posting this and creating schism and doubt.  Perhaps you're really Catholic.  It seems to me you are either purposefully creating doubt here and not really a SDA, or you are so ungrounded from the the Bible that you would allow your mind to influenced by demons to doubt the truth.  I'm very skeptical of you. 

You are probably a college student being indoctrinated in a bunch of cultural Marxism and worldy pseudo-intellectual academic nonsense. If that's true you should have followed EW's advice and not attended any accredited institutions, even a SDA one.  Sorry to be harsh, but the first test for those at the end of time is whether they will trust in men over God and the second is whether they will trust the Spirit of Prophesy as given by God.

I would like to give  testimony what a wonderful blessing the SOP as manifested in the writings of Ellen White has been in my life. When  I came into the church I had not read any of her books and knew relatively little about her work. I was not bias one way of the other. However, her writings spoke to me from the start and continue to speak with more each passing day. Her writings amplify and bring out detail in Scripture like only the Testimony of Jesus could do !  What a gift ! While it cuts it also exhorts, uplifts,  and encourages.

by Kevin 1 hour ago

 Sometimes  people are hurt because they have made idols out of their opinions, opinions that often cut directly against Inspiration and attempt to excuse the most worldly of things. If these dear people that you say have been hurt are not able to walk with men now they will not run with horses when all hell breaks lose, literally. 

I have seen people shake their heads at posts like yours and leave the forum because they cannot believe  the low cast portrayed and the silly Gilligan's Island type nonsense or the agendas that are allowed to be propagated here. Their feelings are not hurt they just cannot believe how silly people can be at this crisis hour in the church and in the world. I know just what I sound like to you. You obviously do not know how you sound, Irrespective of that, I have never said that another is "not worth it." So much for your sweet Christlike attitude.

I did not post the "Great White Lie." Either that was an attack by you on the SOP or a very  unthinking and inconsiderate move.


people haven't left because of Timbers silliness as you call it or questions

but I know of four people who left because of you and a few others

with the thread stalking

false accusations

unchirstlike behavior

and constant harassment off topics

they are



Real soul shaker

Less than David

and that is just the ones I know of

when they come and take you off this forum Kevin

you have no one to blame but yourself

maybe this will lead you to repentance

God Bless

#Merry Christmas Timber I will post on your interesting threads when I have more time

Nice try flower but it didn't work. They were promoting the worst things. They left because few of the fish were biting. That's what liberals do. They plant the worst seeds and when they do not take they huff off and blame anyone but themselves.

You sound most angry. Is that a fruit of the spirit ? 

Permalink Reply by Kevin yesteray

Nice try flower but it didn't work.

Kevin his name is Man Flower Glow or if you want to shorten it MFG. You could have called him man or called him glow but when you call him flower it sounds a term of endearment  at best... or a pick up line at worst... and I don't think he is interested.

#A rose by any other name still smells just as sweet....

 hi KEVIN!

i think u missread the whole point

u brought TIMBER questions or silliness out of the blue up

saying people left cause of that

we both know thats not true

and then i brought at least four people up in response to u

u went there and i went there with you

not to shame u but to set the record straight over your 'silliness' so to speak

i talk and know these four people i have mentioned outside of this site

u dont and are not

you keep showing you dont realize what you say and when we respond to what you say

and i say all these things with compassion

no ill will

God bless you! :)

No Flower (that is part of the name. Tim) I did not bring up the silliness  (hers and now yours)out of the blue. I brought it up after you complained that 4 people left the forum because of me. I know of people that have come to this forum and left again because of total nonsense  posting,  Man Flower Glow Bow Tie poochy poochy. .

Especially the last two people you listed were advocating that which is heresy such as drinking beer and eating pork when served such, because.... are you ready for this ?  "We are under the new covenant." Add their comments that Jesus compromised, that God made homosexuals that way, and that people should not have the legal right to refuse working for  practicing homosexuals if their consciences will not allow it, and one of them has " not much time for that EGW stuff. "There is more but that ought to suffice. That error needed to be met and sent somewhere else. You brought these people up and it was not on topic with the thread.

no ill will.

May God convert you ?

Do you have something better to talk about than slander against EGW ?

i havent slandered EGW


and God got me and changed my heart towards HIM and you

and im a work in process

i shared my testimony a bit in the HEAVEN thread

and May He bless you

i can postyour comments about TIMBER then you said what you said then i chimed in and it will show what transpired

but this already gotten so silly

so silly they are leaving in droves :)

 God be with you

 I said "talk about slander against EGW." Isn't that the OP ? You are not processing well. This thread was opened with a 4 hour video slandering the SOP. 

Do you think that your friend say on the forum here that Jesus drank alcoholic wine and provided it for others was silly or damable heresy ?

i misunderstood you

and i know TIMBER extremely well

and being a christian for some time getting to know GOD

found herself being pointed to our beloved church and came to this site

and some have been not so kind and even bringing up EGW to back up their rudeness and lording  over each other with it

so TIMBER went on the internet to look up our history

and found this and caused great confusion

and wanted answers

so she asked about it and people are being worse now!

imagine that?

#became a Sabbathkeeper cause of this church


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